The New TBI Kelapa Kading: Study in a Storeroom!

One of the more bizarre recent tweets from TBI Kelapa Gading was one in which they proudly displayed their classroom facilities with the following quote:

Hi TBuddies! Ini lho suasana kelas dan pembelajaran di TBI Kelapa Gading, khususnya program Children.

This translates loosely as, “Hi TBuddies! This is the classroom environment at the TBI Kelapa Gading program for Kids.”

And what wonderful conditions await the people who enroll to study at TBI Kelapa Gading you ask? What facilities inspire such pride and boastfulness in the TBI authorities? A picture, they say, will paint a thousand words. So below is the picture which inspired such pride in the folks at TBI!

TBI Kelapa

It really is incredible, isn’t it? What you see here is a completely unadorned room which is narrow as a storeroom or a broom closet. The walls are undecorated by a single painting, picture or chart. It looks more like a sensory deprivation cell than a lively, inviting classroom for kids. And the space between the tables is so narrow that the teacher must have to walk down the centre aisle sideways like a crab.

This barren little store-room is the best they have to boast about since the closure of the former premises of TBI Kelapa Gading, which forced them to move in with UIC, where they play the role of boarder to a second-rate Design School. My how these people are deluding themselves to boast about such a grim little classroom.

12 thoughts on “The New TBI Kelapa Kading: Study in a Storeroom!

  1. Nanti gak lama juga keluar berita Guru Bule Amerika karena memiliki sifat terlalu jelek maka dagang mie Ayam aja langsung bangkrut
    Kenapa bangkrut karena gak ada sekolah bahasa Inggris yang mau makek mereka berdua
    Mungkin si Astuti juga mantan Perempuan Begitu ya jadi gak laku juga

    • Is “Charles” really Frendy Horas, the criminal mastermind who opened the doomed language school called Rumah Bahasa? Frendy Horas also opened a failed language school called “The Great Liberty Language School” in Thailand, which ripped off hundreds of Thais.

      Is Fredny still angry that Charles blew the whistle on his illegal language schools?

    • TBI memang senang kalau buang orang kedalam penjara, Ada manager TBI Bekasi Sun City yang preman yang mengancam guru dan juga pernah ditangkap oleh polisi oleh sentuh wanita yang di bawah umur. Cuma orang bodoh yang percaya TBI pantas dipercayai.

  2. I would like to inform all readers that the person writing these comments is not me. I have forwarded these comments to the metro police. Hopefully, they will catch the impersonator. The person claims to have a copy of my passport. I do have a good idea of who this person is especially since the person mentioned my home address. He also has made rampant allegations against me as well without providing any proof.

    • There is only two people at Apartment Gading Nias who had access to my passport other than my apartment agent. We can safely eliminate her bc she does not know anything about my career nor any personal businesses that I have created. Lets see, it comes down to these two individuals and of course the trickster is still in play. One would have to wonder, how did the trickster obtain a copy of my passport? I believe one of the two individuals has been working with the trickster for some time now.

  3. You are either one the following
    A) A photocopy boy who likes to steal people’s identity information and read through people’s personal documents.
    B) A low-life disgusting used car salesman who likes to blackmail and extort people.
    C) A con-man who well-known throughout Indonesia and the Philippines.

    You could be all of the above working together promoting false information.

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