TBI Kelapa Gading: That “My Teacher Can’t Speak English” Feeling

We recently made the mistake of looking at the TBI Kelapa Gading twitter account. Oh boy, there are so many grammar and spelling mistakes on that thing. They truly are an embarrassment to the name of English language education. They don’t know the difference between “quiet” and “quite”, for example.

These people have such low-quality English skills that they do not deserve to be running an English school. These people are a disgrace. They are robbing Indonesian people by offering poor quality classes from semi-illiterate people.

Have a look at this horrible tweet and see how many spelling mistakes and typos you can find TBuddies!


How many mistakes did TBI make today, TBuddies? Just how bad and incompetent are these so-called educators?

1) “Quite as a mouse”

WRONG. It should be “quiet”.

2) “To be very quite”.

WRONG. It should be “quiet”.

These TBI people are “quiet” dumb, aren’t they, TBuddies?

3) “Keeping yoursource of information”.

WRONG. TBI couldn’t find the space bar!

4) “To have some unhappy with us.”

WRONG AGAIN. It should be “To have someone unhappy with us.”

TBI don’t know the difference between “some” and “someone”. They are so hopeless, TBuddies!

5) “Eagles eyes”.

WRONG. The expression is eagle-eyed not “eagles eyes”.

6) WRONG AGAIN. There should be an apostrophe when we talk about the “eagle’s eyes”.

7) “To se better than average.”

WRONG. The word is “see” not “se” and most 6 year old students know how to spell it. But your TBI “educators” don’t, TBuddies!

TBI has sometimes claimed that we are ‘defaming’ their glorious brand. In truth, they are exposing themselves as inept charlatans every day with drivel such as this tweet. The frequent grammar mistakes of a very elementary level prove that can no longer even claim basic functional literacy in English.









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