Part 7. Interview with a Former TBI Teacher

What do you make of the allegations that Cam was universally hated by the Kuningan expat teachers?

Have to say the “everybody and his dog hated him and always will” line is getting VERY boring. Is that seriously all they can come up with? a) It’s irrelevant to the point of your website and b) It isn’t even nearly true! A***, M*****, P***a, Me…we all liked him fine. As did the Indonesian staff. And take V******, V***** had no problem with C, but was scared of him because of what Matthew had fed him. (He told me as much, when he was waiting to ask C abt something and was all antsy abt it, n I asked why. Course he didn’t say what M had said, just along the lines of “cos what he’s done to my friends”–said friends=Matt and probably Colm etc) It’s all such a pile of bollocks. The actual state was a cluster of people poisoned by Luke who spread poison, which weaker-minded people lapped up. Whereas A***** isn’t bothered by gossip and knows his own mind, Ma****a and P****a are both strong-minded females and make up their own mind on things, as am I. God, Luke and his cronies are so pathetic. Do they think we are so stupid as to believe anything they say? The shitty thing is, Cam***** would be affected if he read some of the shit that’s been sent in by them. And Luke knows that very well. It’s what he’s been counting on all along, he doesn’t realize you are shielding him from the worst of it.

2 thoughts on “Part 7. Interview with a Former TBI Teacher

  1. I’ve spoken to several ex TBI MK teachers (all who hated Lindsey) and none of us are behind the new blog. Our guess (due to the smarminess) of the posts is Mark Moloney. I bet you never saw that one coming!!!!

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