Twitter TBI Cibubur: Mampus Sejak 2015 (Dead Since 2015)

Sometimes we still get emails demanding where our ‘bukti’ (evidence) is that TBI is a useless company. This is very strange to us. In our last post we showed a photo of TBI Kelapa Gading in which children were studying in a small, cramped room. We asked why TBI had no posters or pictures on the walls. The whole environment was dull and boring for kids in our opinion. As the old saying goes, “A picture tells a thousand words.” That depressing photo told the whole tale.

In the previous post we showed one of TBI’s tweets, which included seven grammar mistakes or typos. Again, that speaks for itself. If a doctor made seven mistakes in a single operation, he/she might be barred from practicing medicine. I understand that it is hard for some people to accept that people should be held accountable for their actions. Both TBI and Frendy Horas of Rumah Bahasa have spent a lot of time and energy lobbying the European Union, Google and WordPress to remove posts. The truth not only hurts but is also unwelcome negative publicity. However, these people would be better off decorating their ugly classrooms and correcting their grammar mistakes instead.

As Exhibit C in our exposure of the laziness and ineptitude of TBI, let me present the TBI Cibubur Twitter Account. This pathetic specimen opened in 2014 and was completely dead by the middle of 2015.  The school has a sum total of 8 Twitter followers! Yes, 8. No one cares less what these incompetent ‘educators’ have to say. And the reason why is obvious. They have been too lazy to update their own Twitter account for two years. They have even been too lazy to take it down! They really don’t give a damn about their own brand image, but they get hot under the collar when people state the facts: This school is extremely inefficient and unprofessional.

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