Spooky Lukey: TBI’s Resident Psychopath

It is now November 2017, so we thought it was time for an update on the wackiest joker in the whole TBI deck: Australian sociopathic con man, Luke Preece.

It is now five years since we started this blog. My how the years have flown! Five years later and this unqualified con-artist Luke Preece is still stuck at The British Institute and lying he has a degree. But of course, he hasn’t moved on. As we always told you, he has no prospects elsewhere in this industry. No other company in the TEFL world would want someone without a degree for an entry level position, let alone as a manager. Having risen higher in the TBI chain than he ever had any right to (by virtue of his criminal complicity in the stealing and tax avoidance which is rampant in the business), it is now the best job he could ever dream of. Frankly speaking, he has no good options outside the TBI sheltered workshop. Who else would have this joker? Increasingly, degree checks (including a requirement for notarization from the embassy of your home country) are the norm. If anyone professional looked at Spooky Lukey’s forged documents, he would be lucky to avoid jail time.

So where does that leave Lukey and TBI? The con-artist has proved toxic enough with his cronyism, embezzlement and smear campaigns that he has been marginalized from the main schools on Java and been sent to Bali. In truth, he is no worse than the likes of Ibu Ning and Pak Reza, with their endless plundering of the TBI coffers for private gain. None of them have any morals, professionalism or achievements to speak of. The company has now been stagnant, especially in Jakarta, for 7 years. It has lost its head office at Jalan Sudirman and been forced to close the original Kelapa Gading too. The new “office” is a sub-let classroom from another school. They are in terminal decline. This, according to the literature on psychopaths in the corporate world, is what usually happens when psychopaths take over companies. As the research has broadened, the toxic impact of nutter bosses is becoming ever clearer. TBI actually provides an excellent example. A company which was once expanding rapidly became completely moribund the moment Luke Preece took over. It is now in the twilight zone of stagnation and decay.

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