TBI Bali’s Error-Ridden Instagram Account

Congratulations to Tanaya, a student of Honolulu class at TBI Bali. You’ve won a laptop from us on April promotion. To those who have yet to study at TBI, come and sign up for your class at the next promotion. We still have a loads of special discount and special prizes only for you.

This is one of the grammatically-challenged Instagram messages from the TBI Bali account. You will see that they have managed, as usual, to mangle the English language. Let’s have a look of some of their bad English, TBuddies!

In the second sentence you will see the awkward phrase, “on April promotion.” Unfortunately, they have managed to make 2 grammar mistakes in a single phrase. That’s some low-level English levels skills right there, TBuddies! The noun phrase is missing a determiner or possessive pronoun. It also has the wrong preposition. We use the preposition “in” for months, not “on”. It would have been much better if they had written, “in our April promotion.”

The phrase, “We still have a loads of special discount and special prizes”, is also especially painful. That ‘a’ simply should not be there. There is also a missing -s after the word ‘discount’. They have not followed the rule of parallel forms in sentence constructions. They really are a bunch of TEFL charlatans, aren’t they TBuddies?

Oh, and then there is the gem. TBI’s resident scoundrel, Luke Preece, is shown in the picture, with one of his thumbs raised and the other one resting on the poor winner’s shoulder. Poor kid. Oh and of course there are the shark-like eyes staring out at the camera and the fake smile plastered to his face. Nice to know he is still hiding out at TBI Bali.


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