TBI’s Worsening Financial Woes: ‘Gaji Cicilan’

It has been a few months since I last updated this blog. Mostly I feel content these days to leave the so-called ‘British Institute’ to its slow, agonizing demise. Its glory days now a decade behind it, it is the home of constant promos and discounts in which they try and win back lost love with freebies, giveaways and gimmicks. Its constant self-abasement hasn’t been pretty to watch. However, we have now received information that new lows have been reached, so it seems like a good time to do a few updates to warn people what to expect if they choose to work for this failing, financially troubled wreck of a language school.

The latest disgrace from these language school charlatans is that they can’t even pay the monthly salaries to their local staff on time. They have now implemented a ‘cicilan’ system in which monthly salaries are dished out in two, or sometimes, three installments per month. ‘Cicilan’ is best defined as an installment, particularly a debt installment, and TBI are now perpetually in debt to their own employees!

You might think that this is bad enough. I mean, what sort of cash-flow problems does this business now have that it can’t even manage to pay its own front desk staff and office assistants on time. You can imagine the TBI clowns saying: “Wow! The salary of that photocopy boy is really high, you don’t expect us to pay his salary all in one go, do you?” But it isn’t just that they pay staff by installment now: they also pay them late. They can’t even manage (or afford) to cough up even half the salary on time. This reveals how this looted and abused company is now in its agonizing and protracted death throes. Not even the people who work for them now can stand them. They are sick of the cheapness, the abuse and the salary-by-installment scam. TBI can’t even afford to pay the unfortunate people who have believed their lies.

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