TBI Bali: The Cheap Home of the Constant Giveaway

In order to see how far TBI has fallen in the world, you just have to think about their policy of the never-ending promo. Every single month they are offering some sort of giveaway, bargain, discount or promo to their schools, which sets them apart form more professional outfits such as Wall Street and the British Council. Why are they forever offering cheap courses at steep discounts?

In one sense, it is easy enough to understand why they do it. By offering a steep discount (see the 25% discount to all Telkomsel users below) they might get a modest sales spike. This is obviously an alluring prospect to a company with cash-flow problems such as TBI. After all, TBI Bali was originally slated to open in early 2012 and it did not finally open its door until late 2014, two and a half years behind schedule. The lack of funds for expansion has been a problem which has plagued the company for years. Nonetheless, there are numerous reasons to believe that they are doing themselves no favours with their addiction to the cheap ‘hit’ of the latest promotion. (Win a free iPhone by studying at TBI!)

Think about this quote from a branding expert, for instance.

The most powerful value of a strong brand is the ability to demand and defend higher prices than competitors. Since powerful brands produce higher margins, discounting can be a sign of weakness: brand demotions.

That sounds exactly right to us. TBI has suffered a serious ‘brand demotion’ in recent years. By constantly discounting their product, they are sending signals to their customers that they are a struggling business which does not value the service it is offering. Customers will know that their upmarket competitors are not engaged in a cycle of never-ending promotions and (rightly) work out that they are a struggling business which is decidedly lower-end that it used to be. This will lead to the expectation that further promotions and discounts will soon be on offer. No one will ever want to pay the full price, so they will always wait for the next discount.

And TBI has fallen into the trap by constantly offering bigger and more frequent discounts. They are offering constant confirmation that they are a ‘discount’ brand on its way down the food chain. That brings me to the final quote, which is also very pertinent to what  I have been saying:

For an established brand, discounting can have an adverse affect on value.

Quality and price do not exist as isolated concepts in consumers’ minds. They are interrelated. Research has shown that deep discounts do cause the consumer to believe that something is wrong. Frequent discounting serves to lower the value of the brand because of an almost subconscious reaction by the consumer who believes that quality also has been lowered.

In light of this, we bring you the latest of TBI’s myriad tacky giveaways.

studyenglishtbi Halo, TBuddies!

Berita baik untuk pelanggan kartu Telkomsel.
Dapatkan GRATIS biaya pendaftaran dan diskon 25% biaya kursus di @tbi_bali dengan menukarkan 200 point telkomsel.
Caranya gampang, kalian tinggal mengirimkan SMS TBIDPS ke 777.
Jangan lupa, sebelumnya lakukan dulu konsultasi penempatan module GRATIS di TBI Bali, Jalan PB Sudirman no 6, Denpasar (seberang Universitas Udayana Denpasar).
Informasi lebih lanjut, hubungi 0361 – 4723000
Read more at http://websta.me/location/554180983#6mr4B0kMzYtAuIXS.99

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