3 Sentences of Substandard English with Binsar!

Today we were alerted to the, ahem, TBI Suncity Bekasi Facebook page. Now you wouldn’t exactly expect it to world-class, would you? But what we saw was shockingly bad: a reminder that no matter how low you rate them, they are actually somewhat worse than what you think. I mean, honestly, they shouldn’t by running a nasi goreng stand let alone a language school. What’s wrong with it? Hmmm, where do we start? For the first thing, it was latest updated on November 27, 2012. That means it is now about 1 year 7 months since Binsar Simorangkir and his team bothered to update their own Facebook webpage. Wow, that really indicates how hard they are working, doesn’t it? Don’t overwork yourselves there! TBI obviously has valid reasons for not doing an update on their own company Facebook page for the last 580 days in a row!

But chronic laziness isn’t the only sin on display. There are also- wait for it- tips from success from TBI! Amazing. Can’t wait to here how to achieve success from a school which last updated its Facebook page in 2012. This will be priceless! And then when you get there, you aren’t disappointed. What you find is an attempt at giving tips which is filled with grammar errors. Binsar tells us that if you want success you have to, “Work more than other.” Work more than other what, Binsar? You’ve got a wrong word there. But it doesn’t end there. The next two sentences repeat the same error! And it’s been sitting there for 570 days in its grammatically-muddled glory.

Wow, the Big Boys at Wall Street must be really nervous about the threat posed by The British Institute! Wonder why their page has a pathetic 17 likes several years after it was set up? The last time someone opened an envelope it got more Facebook likes than TBI Bekasi has managed in the last 4 years. 


Study English with the Bangsat!

Study English with the Bangsat!

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