Former TBI Bekasi Teacher’s Open Letter to Binsar Simorangkir

   To Binsar Simorangkir,   
You are a disgusting, despicable man. I befriended you, your wife and your children and became very close with you and you just used me and took advantage of me and made my life hell. You threatened me, you lied to me and you betrayed me. You still call yourself a Christian I assume, so let me tell you something. Your judgement is coming and I feel with the recent blog releases, it will be very soon. You deserve what comes to you, and no one can escape the consequences of their actions forever. You are a sinful man Binsar, and in the end all your sins will be paid for with an equal and worthy punishment. 
How can you still look into the eyes of your wife and children when you are guilty of so many sins? Imagine their shame and humiliation if you are convicted of corruption and tax fraud. I doubt your children will ever be able to look at you the same after. You are not just ruining your life but you’re ruining their lives too. No one will want to know the family of such a man because Indonesians believe highly that certain things are passed along. I hope the few years you had was worth the lifetime you and your children will have to suffer because of your mistakes.
I’m a victim of this company, I’ve been robbed, threatened, made to work slavery hours for little pay, lied to, and disposed of like i was nothing. This company does not deserve to use my country’s name when it’s run by such disgusting people. The British Institute is a lie. The Bullshit Institute is more accurate. How can any British citizen not be embarrassed to have the name of our country associated with Binsar? I can’t wait to see what happens when the next piece of the Jenga tower is removed.
 Always Watching and Contributing: Ex-TBI Bekasi Teacher

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