Binsar’s Blackberry and TBI Bekasi Students

Tomorrow we will begin a three-part series on the character of Binsar Simorangkir, including his reputation for storing the FB IDs of students, including very young girls and boys, in his mobile phone. You will recall that multiple sources have told us that Binsar was indeed arrested over allegations of sexual interference with a student in 2011. Here is what one previous TBI teacher had to say about this issue:

As for the Blackberry/Binsar thing I can 100% confirm that it’s true. I stayed friends with one of my ex-students (21 Years old) and we would often go on Facebook and message each other, and I knew Binsar has people on his phone, so I asked him for her pin and he scrolled through the list he has (70% female aged 12-26, and 30% male ages 16-20) and he was even bragging saying, “No, no go for this one, she’s more sexy”, just talk like that. I actually asked Binsar his feelings on dating students at this point and he said it’s fine- just don’t give them special treatment in class.

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