TBI Medan Facebook Page: Different Island, Same Shit

Yesterday we drew your attention to the woeful Facebook page of TBI Bekasi, a school whose manager has allegedly robbed, cheated and sexually abused his staff members over a period of years. We showed that while Binsar had been busy giving “special tickles” to the unfortunate women who worked for him, he had not applied himself with the same vigour to actually running the business. Hardly a surprise is it? The last time he updated his school’s Facebook page was an incredible 580 days ago in late 2012. He also featured 3 grammar errors in one brief “Tips for Success” post, further illustrating his careless approach.

So how about 1500 kilometres away in Medan? Has TBI’s only school off Java done anything more to distinguish itself? Has it, perhaps, shown an ounce of professionalism and managed to update its Facebook page in a more timely manner? Sadly, its efforts are just as pathetic as those of the grifter from Bekasi. They treat their customers with complete contempt, wasting the time of anyone who bothers to check out their Facebook page.

The last time they updated it was, get this, on December 24, 2013, more than 6 months ago. And their half-arsed effort on that occasion was just a simple upload of a single image. The previous update was a massive 17 months before, in June 2012, and amounted to no more than a few words. 18 months without checking your own company’s page- just appalling. Does a company this lazy deserve to be successful?

There was a single post in May 2012, but it shows a complete lack awareness of appropriacy, using the word “Wanna” to address prospective exam-prep students. They also use the word “in” rather “on” before phone numbers. Finally, there is a grammar error in one of the sentences. Rather than “Now you can easily find it at TBI MULTATULI,” they write, “Now you can easily find inTBI MULTATULI.”. The grammar is just horrible.

Dear Students… Wanna Study abroad?
Need International Exam Preparation based on TOEFL? or IELTS??
Now you can easily find in TBI MULTATULI, Komp.Tbi Multatuli Indah Blok CC 53-54 , or call now in (061-4555123)
We are also TOEFL iBT Test Center..
Come and Join us!
The British Institute, Study English with the BEST! 

But horrible as the grammar is, the really revealing factor is that this is a school which has updated its Facebook page 3 times in the past 26 months. Why bother at all? They would be better off closing the whole thing down if they can’t be bothered. No serious company updates its Facebook page once every 8 months or so. 

Study English with the Bone-Idle! This company has no standards or professionalism at all.



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