A Sociopath Can’t Change His Spots

After talking with a number of former Luke Preece victims in November 2011, I became aware that this guy was “off the chart” in terms of sociopathic cunning. His list of victims, expat and Indonesian, became longer the more you looked into him. We have probably only uncovered a fraction of his true crimes, but the pattern is clear enough. We knew that he had got at least a dozen different managers and teachers fired for no good reason. Cam was just one in a long list of people who were betrayed by this eminent South Australian and then told to shut his mouth about it. The only question that we asked ourselves is, “Could he have learned from his mistakes? Might the old sociopath have turned over a new leaf?” Was it possible that the storm of scandal generated in March 2012 by this blog would teach the old rogue a lesson? Would he give up the lying and manipulating and start behaving like a normal human being? We never thought the chances were above 1% but we looked into the issue and found out that there is also some biology to this problem. It may actually be that Luke Preece is brain damaged in the part of the cortex to do with empathy, making him incapable of ever feeling any emotion for another human being. There may literally be no hope for him ever becoming anything other than a predator. This could also apply to Binsar Simorangkir, whose behavior in terms of teachers and his office girls is also clearly that of a sociopathic predator.

Let’s hear what an expert has to say about the mind of a sociopath. The passage below discusses the interesting case of a normal boy who became a psychopathic monster after a motorcycle accident:

An incident two decades ago supports the idea that brain trauma can lead to psychopathic behaviors. In 1991 convicted sex offender Phillip Garrido kidnapped 11-year-old Jaycee Dugard and kept her as a prisoner in his home for 18 years. Experts believe that Garrido experienced severe brain damage after a serious motorcycle accident as a teenager, which was compounded by intense drug use. Garrido’s father said that his son had been a “good boy” as a child but that he had changed radically after the accident and had become unstable.

Recently neuroscientists have identified areas of the brain related to psychopathic behaviors. Subtle damage to the amygdala, a brain region that helps us process our emotions, may explain why psychopaths act so cruelly and cannot express emotions properly. Psychopathic behaviors are also associated with injury to the cerebral cortex, which regulates memory and self-awareness, and the frontal lobe, which is responsible for self-control and judgment.

The fact that Luke Preece did exactly the same thing again to GA, the manager of the former TBI Malang, in December 2012 (ie. tried to force him out in the most under-handed way possible) despite all the shame and scandal he had brought on TBI via TBI Kuningan in 2012 suggests he may, actually, have no ability for self-control. He likes to get people. Whether due to genetics, abuse at home or a nasty hit to the head… Preece may be brain damaged for life. He is a predator. He can only control himself for so long before the mask of sanity starts to slip…

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