The Sociopathic Toolbox: Exhibit A- Attacking Grammar

More than six months six months ago we first posted allegations that Binsar had threatened to kill expat teachers at TBI Bekasi Suncity. We also pointed out that Ashley and Luke have audited the school of Bekasi and given it a clean bill of health. They are totally complicit in the Bekasi disaster, so they are desperate not to address the issue. When we published the account of death threats, slave labor wages and muggings in the Bekasi carpark, how did the TBI Mafia (using their old alias of Michelle) respond? They attacked the witness’s grammar! What? Somehow tells you that one of your managers is threatening to murder staff and these moral imbeciles (the old term for sociopaths) start laughing and making jokes about the victim’s punctuation. It is a sick response from sick people. The essence of a sociopath is an inability to feel empathy due to damage in the emotional centre of the brain. Therefore, they respond in a callous and grossly inappropriate manner to tales of suffering. This is because they lack even a basic sense of humanity. Here is how the TBI Mafia mocked the Bekasi teachers:

That’s a lot of anger for just one person. No surprise you didn’t last long…

Now is this an appropriate response to someone who has been threatened with murder? It is a sick and vile response from someone without a trace of morality. I suppose Luke Preece wrote it, but if it was the product of one of his deranged supporters, please ‘fess up. I would love to know who you are.

In a typical TBI Mafia move they also attacked the guy’s grammar:

If this guy was teaching English, God help us all. (Michelle)

All I can say, is whoever thought it was appropriate, funny or vaguely moral to mock the grammar of someone discussing death threats made against them is sick to the core. The victim responded with justifiable anger:

Hi Michelle, this is my story, I’m sorry if my Grammar is not up to your high standards but i wasn’t aware the person i was talking to would put it up directly through the email. If i did it would be a lot better. There’s nothing wrong with my Grammar but General chit-chat doesn’t require it.

Yet in retrospect this looks to me like the same old trap Luke, Jakarta’s ESL psycho, keeps setting for normal human beings. Unwilling to discuss the vile misdeeds of Binsar, who is rightly described as ‘a scumbag‘ by those who know him well, Luke tries to divert the attention onto the victim’s emotions, grammar, sanity or anything else. He attacks the grammar of Binsar’s victims so that the victims are forced to defend themselves. This takes the focus off Luke and Binsar’s very real crimes. Minnie, acting on Luke’s instructions, tried the same trick with us half a dozen times. “Watch out for the typos“, “proof-read that blog” etc etc. It is just one more trick in the sociopath’s toolbox.

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