Wall Street Coming to Bandung … TBI’s Vanishing Market Share

People wanting a promising career in the TEFL industry in Indonesia would be well-advised to give TBI’s failing business model a miss and go straight to the “premium end” market leader- Wall Street Indonesia. This has been the case for several years now with respect to qualified teachers (TBI has been reduced to relying on illegal teachers on 2 month “business consultant” visas). But surely the writing is now on the wall for staff as well. Maybe it’s time for TBI staff to search for greener pastures and head off to WSI. Put simply, TBI has been utterly outgunned and outspent by these people and career-minded TBI staff should consider whether it is time to switch sides and move to WSI. They are now about to repeat the trick they pulled in Jakarta, and steal all TBI’s top-end clients. Here is some promotional material from the coming Bandung onslaught:


Wall Street Indonesia now recruiting for Bandung

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