Tips from A Psychologist On How to Deal With Luke Preece

  1. Sociopaths are mental, emotional and psychological terrorists. And just like real terrorists, if they have no weapons, their impact will be minimal. Do not provide them with personal information or they will use it to hurt you.
  2. Avoid at all costs supplying the sociopath with the weapons they can use to terrorize you. Basically any information about your weaknesses, things that cause you mental, emotional or psychological pain, anything that annoys, bothers or hurts you they will use as an arsenal to terrorize you.
  3. Understand that if you tell them that it hurts when they continuously mock you, be prepared for them to use mocking anytime that they want to hurt you because now they have an effective weapon. If you tell them that you do not like it when they do not respect you they will be sure to disrespect you anytime they want to see you suffer.
  4. Avoid telling them what makes you happy. If they know what you truly love and enjoy, whenever they want to terrorize you, they will try to see that you never obtain or have access to what you enjoy. Avoid telling a sociopath what bothers you or what you love so they do not have weapons with which to terrorize you.

Let’s see how some of this relates to Luke. When Luke first met Cameron he asked what sort of teachers Cam liked to manage. Cam told him that he didn’t like “prima donna” teachers who could be brilliant but needed a lot of maintenance and attention. TBI Kuningan had attracted a lot of these in the past. One thinks of an Australian called C, for example, who had refused to work for 4 weeks straight due to substance abuse issues and serious psychological problems. Cam told Luke that he preferred ordinary but reliable teachers to brilliant but flaky ones as Kuningan was big and had an unwieldy timetable. Luke’s first appointment to Kuningan from Bandung was Matthew France, who Luke promised Cameron was a “no fuss, low maintenance” sort of teacher who would just but his head down and get to work.

To the contrary, Matthew (who was very close to Luke and took orders from him) then went on what Luke himself called “a customer service crusade” against TBI, refusing to teach business classes, taking on an extra role and then resigning in protest, refusing to do In House classes, refusing to  celebrate high student numbers, insisting TBi pay for his laundry, insisting that he should not have to wear footwear when he had a sore foot and other outlandish behavior. He finally wrote a bizarre email to Cameron saying he was close to a break down and was “fucking livid”. This is the guy Luke called “reliable and low maintenance”? He was more like a ticking time-bomb. Maybe it is just a coincidence you say?

Well, why did the exact same thing happen in Malang? The manager there asked Luke for a professional, hard-working office supervisor and Luke sent him a noisy loud mouth who accused the school manager of theft with no evidence and held secret meetings with staff aimed at raking up dirt on the manager so she could report it back to Luke. I could give you 10 more examples, but the pattern is already clear.

If you tell Luke you want X, he will give you the exact opposite. If you tell Luke you fear X, he will make sure it happens to you. He is a psychological terrorist who wages war on anyone who stands in the way of his insane power grabs. If you have the misfortune of working for him, tell him nothing personal. Don’t let him in. He is a textbook sociopath who gets sadistic pleasure from inflicting pain on others.

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