Luke Preece: My Hobby Is Making Women Cry

Just allow yourself to let this fact sink in. Luke Preece considers it fun to make women cry. He considers it sport and fun to torment and inflict pain on defenseless women. (See full article). This psychological terrorist considers it “fair play” to hound them to breaking point, driving them to cowed submission. Atika cried many, many times because Luke lied to her how much of a disappointment she was. He told her (falsely) that Cameron was humiliated by how bad a manager she was. He advised that she stay away from Cam because he was so let down by her. This was all part of his sociopathic game play- it is called “triangulation” in the literature. You isolate your enemies so you control the flow of information and then you are free to lie at will.

Luke Preece poured poison into her ears again and again, considering it success when he had tormented her so much she was an emotional wreck. Atika finally acknowledged to us that Luke had tormented her and made her incredibly depressed with his cruel taunts. She said she knew he was evil. He made her betray her former friends- he enjoys making people sell out their values so they are as immoral and debased as him. Finally, he threatened her not to speak to us or do anything to help us if she valued her career. His a sick and diseased mind which is a true disgrace. This psychological terrorist has destroyed the prestige of TBI with his outlandish behavior. Only the protection of the corrupt and venal Reza saves him from being written off as the massive liability he truly is.

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