We Told You So: Luke’s Goombahs

In 2012 we told people that Luke had installed his best friend Scott Martin as  School manager of TBI Jalan Jawa / RIau in 2010 in a rigged selection process. Preece told people that Martin had been the only candidate, neglecting to mention that other people had sent CVs to Preece but Preece had “lost” them. At that point we said that Luke Preece, who we alleged must be a sociopath, was determined to take over TBI by appointing stooges in key roles. My Aussie goombah will run TBI’s biggest school and my lady goombah and Bali villa weekend getaway girl, Lilies Agustin, can run all TBI Marketing was Luke’s “impartial” decision. Um, I wonder if Luke has ever heard of the phrase “conflict of interest” because he seemed only to promote his own goombahs. You have seen the photos of him in a bar in Phuket’s infamous red light district Patong with Scott in 2009. The following year he appointed him school manager of TBI’s biggest school despite the fact Scott has no degree and was widely hated by everyone in the school. We warned you that all Luke ever did was install stupid goombahs in key positions back then…how did it play out?

Well, what happened next was that Mariam got her revenge on Luke and removed Scott in April 2012. Just as outrage over the relevations in this blog peaked, Martin was removed, shunted off to a small franchise school by the TBI Director. But as soon as Mariam herself was rolled, Scott’s replacement Ratna was knifed. She was deposed despite more than a decade’s loyal service to TBI. And guess who she was replaced with? She was replaced by an intelligent, eloquent candidate who was selected in a fair and transparent interview process. Just kidding. She was replaced by Luke’s most servile goombah, Scott. And they want you to believe that TBI is a well-respected and “premium” school. It isn’t and we told you so. LOL

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