Second Time Lucky in Malang?

TBI Malang was established in 2002 and has an established history of providing first class English Language training to the people of Malang. TBI’s students range from very young children right through to corporate professionals and we pride ourselves on ensuring quality instruction in all of our programmes.

From August 2013 TBI Malang will be located at Jl Merbabu and all of our school team hopes that being situated in a more strategic part of the city will make it more convenient for our loyal students to enjoy studying English with the best!

Our new location on Jl Merbabu will provide students with a friendly and supportive study environment and our teachers and staff will provide students with a friendly and professional study environment, with excellent customer service and first rate academic standards being the cornerstone of the school’s ethos.

After 8 months being closed in Malang, TBI has re-opened at a new location. The blurb above is from the TBI website. As you know, TBI Malang closed because Luke Preece’s lies had so badly pissed-off the joint venture partner that they dumped the entire company. This Aussie TEFL incompetent literally costs them hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue, and they still keep the dullard. The White face of TBI corruption, he knows all their dirty laundry and is too dangerous to ever let go.

About the above blurb, let me just say that it is typical TBI crap. The first paragraph glosses over the fact that the school has been shut for 8 months because TBI couldn’t get the money together to re-open in a new location sooner. It pretends it is an “established” business. The truth, of course, that is TBI Malang lost every single customer it had been 2002 and 2012 when it shut at the end of last yearThey now have to win their customers back. They are mad if they don’t think that their name in Bandung is badly sullied by the 2012 school closure. All their old students have been studying elsewhere since.

The second paragraph is a typical TBI cover up. Let’s pretend that we moved because we love Indnesian students so much and want to serve them better! The ugly truth is that they have had to move because they are an unprofessional company with such low standards that their business partner dumped them. This second paragraph is a good example of lying by omission- a sociopathic specialty.

The third paragraph is highly repetitive and very badly-written. The writer uses the exact phrase “With a friendly and  … study environment” twice in one sentence. A horrible writing style. Wonder who wrote up that clanker? Then there is some self-important waffle about the school’s ethos. This style is very much that of Luke Preece. He throws a lot of big words around that he doesn’t really understand and hopes most people won’t notice.

Anyhoo, let’s see if they fare any better in Malang second time around. They have now almost clawed their way back to where they were 2 years ago. Meanwhile Wall Street is moving in for the kill in Bandung. Kasihan deh.


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