The Hecklers Are Lying (Again): Hard Proof (SW)

Luke Preece is the most shameless liar I have ever met. No one else is in his league in his ability to debase himself by lying every time he feels it is convenient. Nothing he said can be trusted. Here is an example of the blatant distortions and misinformation that he and his crew of degenerates deals in. We just received a second message full of fake, misleading accusations. I will not ‘publish’ the comment, as once I have published it, he will be free to add further misleading comments at will, but I might add a screen dump of it tomorrow. Here anyway is a cut and paste of what ‘Anonymous’ has to say. It is interesting in the way that ‘Anonymous’ can blatantly lie without a trace of shame:

 I like the way you’ve changed the story over time from the whole staff definitely didn’t get paid for 7 weeks to we believe the casual staff didn’t get paid for 7 weeks. #lackofconsistency.

So here ‘Anonymous’ makes a clear accusation. He says that we originally claimed that we the ‘whole staff’ didn’t get paid and suggests we have changed our story. He actually writes the little moral of this post for the dumbies to understand: lack of consistency. Only one problem. ‘Anonymous’ is full of shit. We made clear that the 7 weeks pay was only related to casual pays not all staff. So once again they manipulate and lie like a Goebbels-style Propaganda Department. Here is what we actually reported back in April 2012:

The local teachers have also had a rough time of it. TBI has recently changed the payment period for  non-contract teachers. Scott did not even speak to these people personally and inform them of the changes. He merely put up a memo on a board, and many of the teachers did not even see it. This was the only form of communication about changes to salary dates. The memo was merely displayed in one place and never spoken of by Scott. This meant that many of the teachers were confused about why the pays were so late. This was not just a matter of a day or two. The pays did not arrive until seven weeks after the hourly paid teachers were expecting them. Some of these teachers had limited income and faced a lot of stress and hardship as a result of this failure on TBI’s part.

You see that? Non-contract teachers. Not all. So once again they lie through their teeth. One wonders if they even know when they are lying anymore; it just comes so naturally to them. Look on the original blog on April 4th 2012 and you will find it there too. Furthermore, they said we originally used the phrase “we believe” and later changed it to “definitely”. Yet look at the quote from the original post. We never used the phrase “we believe”. We reported it as fact from the start. So again they have distorted the truth, which is all they ever do. Moral of the day: Don’t believe anything Luke or Scott say. They are dyed-in-the-wool liars.

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