The Hecklers Are Back (Updated)

How come when staff and bills don’t get paid in Bandung it’s Scott’s fault, but when it happens in Kuningan it’s the company’s fault, not Cameron’s?

This question came through today from a heckler. It is typical TBI nonsense, but okay we will bite and take it more seriously than it probably deserves. I have asked Cameron to clarify the points raised by ‘Anonymous’.

Is ‘Anonymous’ correct that you made the same mistake as Scott Martin in terms of late teacher pays?

In terms of late casual teacher pays at TBI Kuningan that simply never happened. On the other hand we received angry teacher complaints from TBI Riau when Scott was in there the first time that some teachers had gone up to 7 weeks without receiving their casual pay. So this was a unique situation at TBI Riau. It was a stuff-up only Scott has ever made.

Whose responsibility was it to send in the correct info for teacher pays?

The school manager’s. So it was Scott’s fault. Casual teachers never didn’t receive their pay at all at Kuningan. Yes, they might have asked for an extra half hour to be added from time to time, but at TBI Riau they went 7 weeks without receiving anything at all. This was a situation only Scott Martin has ever caused. 

And to rub salt into the wound he didn’t even speak to the people involved to tell them what was going on. Scott’s office assistants had to step in and manage it for him.

It’s incredibly sloppy. I don’t know how he got away with it. Oh, wait- yes I do. There is no accountability or responsibility where Luke and Scott are concerned.

Who was responsible for paying the Lebaran bonus to TBI staff?

That is entirely a Finance Department business- unlike the casual pays which are a school manager’s job. 

Did we ever accuse Scott Martin of not paying Lebaran bonuses to staff?

No we didn’t. As usual these hecklers are completely distorting and misrepresenting what we said. Lebaran bonus delays were entirely due to cash flow problems. This was widely known throughout the entire company. Look at your posts from today and it is there in black and white: we blamed the Lebaran fiasco on cash-flow problems. Scott Martin was never even mentioned here. This is what they do. They just distort and misrepresent every situation. But they shouldn’t kid themselves. Scott Martin was known for the incompetent that he was by every Indonesian who worked for him. The fact that he is again School Manager in a company which has mercilessly purged every other expat manager, with Luke Preece’s fingerprints all over every vicious removal, speaks volumes.

Any final comments about the Scott Martin reinstatement?
If they are on here asking questions, ask one back. Ask them why Ratna was fired. I would love to hear how they justify the umpteenth removal of a manager in the last few years.

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