Mystery Expat Gloats Over Ratna’s Demise (Sicko Warning)

The truth regulator Apr 16, 5:25 am

That’s a huge blow to this blog. A great victory for Scotty Boy though. Ratna is gone- hahahaha!!!!

   Cameron deserved to go. Chris deserved to go. The 5 teachers Luke got fired at Dipati Ukur in 2002 deserved to go. Minnie deserved to go. According to “Michelle” she was “a snitch” and “a cunt”. GA deserved to go. Getting rid of him was worth losing an entire school for in Malang. That was sucha good move the TBI Director herself got removed after it. But Luke Preece who was supposed to be supervising all these people stays on? Luke appointed all these people and was supposed to supervise all of them and ensure they succeeded. Wow, he must be the ESL industry’s worst performing trainer and supervisor!

   Basically, the whole narrative of Luke doesn’t make sense. He appoints all these people, writes emails to them praising them to high Heaven and then after a few months he gets sick of them and fires them or tries to and finally describes “as psychotics” and cunts and none of this sticks to him? Does he even realize how responsibility works in normal companies? In normal companies managers can’t just blame their subordinates and call them insane when your job description is to ensure they succeed. And then there’s the odd fact that the real scumbags and bad managers like Binsar stay around because they part own the school.

   Luke I’d ask you this. What did Ratna ever do to you? What did she do to deserve her head on your sicko chopping block? She served TBI Riau for many many years, possibly as long as 20 years. And we bet if she puts TBI down as a referee for a next job, you will say she was a uselsss trouble-maker who was fired in disgrace. This kind of evil conduct gratifies your warped mind, doesn’t it? Ratna was the hard-working professional you would love to be but never will and you hate her for it, don’t you? Is this a Preece vendetta because she complained about you and Scotty and your nepotism? Or were you just hungry for another ‘kill’ to slake your appetite for fresh victims? Your gloating over another manager being forced out just reinforces how sick and depraved you are. Reinstating Scott, who doesn’t even have a degree and was a poor teacher smacks of cronyism and arrogance. The Indonesians who work for him must feel sick to the stomach to see him back, and you love that don’t you? You get off on inflicting misery on others. Welcome toThe Bangsat Insitute.


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