234 More Posts from “Tudor” about TBI Found Online (Warning Issued)

Someone called ‘Tudor’ who claims never to have worked for TBI has posted hundreds of times on both Dave’s ESL Cafe and the Living in Indonesia Forum, mostly about TBI (including on threads where he abuses us and claims to know whether we have jobs!) This Dave’s ESL hog has not missed a chance to ram his opinions down people’s throats about EF, TBI and Wall Street every single time a thread has been started about schools in Jakarta since 2009. (There are now 450 postings between the two sites from this “Tudor” and he never mentions where he actually works.) The second most active poster Chezal also worked for TBI Medan, just like Dave Bradbury, who was endlessly rabbiting on about Dave’s ESL Cafe and Living in Indo. Furthermore, Chezal’s online bio bears a remarkable likeness to Bradbury’s on multiple fronts eg. met hubbie in Medan, worked for TBI Medan, has a Degree in Psychics, fluent in Indonesian and loves to boast about it. Hence, we feel it is justified to issue a warning about chronic bias on the part of Tudor and Chezal. 

   Whoever they are, they have collectively posted 600 times on these two supposedly informal forums. While they are welcome to their views, they have made sure they dominate every single thread on these sites for almost 5 years now and have insulted people who disagree with their opinions (eg. EF is terrible and TBI is wonderful) year after year. Why is it Ok for “Tudor” to tell people 450 times that EF Jakarta is a low-paying dump you want to avoid but we are “jobless idiots” and obsessed for running a blog on endemic corruption and back-stabbing and tax evasion within TBI (The British Institute).

Just because one person says EF is rubbish and TBI is well-respected 300 times on thread after thread, that is still just one person’s opinion. You don’t get to vote 300 times in a single election. “Tudor” is nothing but a bully who has silenced and belittled anyone who disagrees with him for 5 years now. Why is it OK for him to run down people who don’t speak Indonesian, teachers who work for EF, people who don’t agree with him and anyone who dares to criticize the TBI CELTA course but our well-informed dissection of TBI’s chronic failings is regarded as obsessive and improper? Maybe after 450 anonymous posts  on TBI and EF, it is time for “Tudor” to give it a rest or at least take his mask off. Maybe ESL teachers would find new voices a bit refreshing?

Anyone who posts hundreds and hundreds of times under a single alias is behaving suspiciously. Isn’t it likely that TBI has used these aliases to run down competitors and silence their critics for the last 5 years? For anyone who knows this manipulative, Binsar-protecting Mafia well, it is no surprise that they would use these under-handed tactics so effectively.

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