Who Are Chezal and “Tudor”? A Call for Transparency

After months of silence, the old hecklers are back. Our investigation into the real identities of Chezal and Tudor, who have collectively posted 600 times on the Dave’s ESL Cafe and Living in Indonesia Forums since 2009, has ruffled feathers. They have, as usual, deliberately missed the point and tried diversionary tactics. They have got out the calculator, for example, and suggested that Chezal and Tudor post much less on a “per day basis” than we do! Nice try but this is kiddy stuff. Let’s stick to the real issue.

   We have raised the issue of whether a woman really existed who has a Degree in Physics, worked for years at TBI Medan, knew Rob W. despite never having been to Jakarta where he worked, met her husband in Medan and now works at Binus. If such a woman exists, we would love to meet her. We publicly undertake never to use her  name or even initials on this blog. If she exists, we will acknowledge that these remarkable similarities between her biography and those of Dave Bradbury are just a massive coincidence. So if this Binus-teaching, Indonesian-speaking, Physics Degree-holding, former TBI Medan luminary with an Indo hubbie is real, let her come forward. She can contact us here or at at tbimafiavictims. If she exists we will admit our suspicions that she is Bradbury are wrong. But remember too what our main point was. Our main point is that every single thread on Dave’s ESL Cafe about TBI and EF since 2009 has featured vociferous mouthing off from Tudor and Chezal. This domination of the debate needs to be recognized. Just because 2 people say what a great reputation TBI over and over innumerable  times doesn’t change the fact that it is just 2 people hogging the debate, does it? Fake reviews are a big problem on the Internet and if TBI has found to be cheating on Dave’s ESL Cafe, that would be a serious issue.

    And while we are at it, who is “Tudor”? Why did he lie that we didn’t have jobs? Why does he claim not to know us sometimes and other times lash out at us and report on our employment status? How can he know about TBI pay scales at different branches and how difficult TBI is finding it to recruit teachers with English Degrees if he never worked there? What or who are his sources? Seeing how Platts and Preece are the last bules standing at Head Office, surely it logical to assume that “Tudor” must be in contact with one or both of these people to know all this detail? After all, Preece himself handles expat recruitment for people with the right degree. How else would “Tudor” know about this stuff if he wasn’t in contact with Preece? For the sake of transparency, we need to know what Tudor’s relationship to TBI is and why he has been so cagey about his own ties to this crooked language chain?

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