Chezal: No Sympathy for Death Penalty Drug Granny

We have been taken to task for our examination of “Chezal” and “Tudor” by TBI. Not that they claim to know who they are mind you. That is a tightly kept secret. We are expected to believe that this pair who have posted hundreds of times about how awful EF is and how wonderful TBI is (on multiple expat forums) are not posting fake positive reviews to talk up TBI. We are also expected to believe that Chezal really is a British woman with with a Physics Degree who worked at TBI Medan for years, just like David Bradbury, a British man with a Physics Degree who worked at TBI Medan for years…and the parallels extend waaaayyy beyond that too. They haven’t offered any explanation of how Tudor and Chezal know so much about TBI without ever having worked for TBI since at least 2009 (as they claim) but they have taken us to task for misrepresenting Chezal’s posts. They point out that some have nothing to do with TBI or EF This much is true. So what? We still don’t know why “Chezal” is strenuously promoting a school she claims not to have worked for in half a decade, do we? But yes, this mouthy “woman” does sometimes offer opinions on other topics. For instance she feels not an ounce of sympathy for a British granny on death row in Bali. I don’t know what this proves or why anyone should care but “Chezal’s” pro-death penalty stance is noted. Here is an example of “Chezal’s” non-TBi-pimping posts: 


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To be honest I have zero sympathy for her. It’s well known that Indonesia has the death penalty for drug trafficking. 

To be honest I very much doubt that they will put a grandmother up for the firing squad and will probably give her a pardon and commute the sentence to life in prison instead. Thereby making themselves look kind. 

It’s all about the so called image of Bali/Indonesia. Hence making a big show of punishing her for spoiling Bali’s image. Although of course none of the big Balienese officials have anything to do with the disrubtion of drugs on Bali. Also Baliense obvoiusly don’t take drugs either it’s all down to the evil ungodly bules. Therefore the rest must all just be heresy ;P

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