Fake Pro-TBI Reviews Link


We have learned that two Internet users “Tudor” and “Chezal” have posted 600 times between them on Dave’s ESL cafe and Living in Indonesia Forum between 2009 and today. Every single thread that has been started about either site about TBI has been inundated with comments from these 2 users for the past 4 years. Inevitably “Chezal” and “Tudor” have praised TBI and run down EF (especially in Jakarta). They have been accused of being biased and having an agenda by several users, but they have always responded with denials and nastiness. Belittling other users, calling them ignorant and dominating the threads with bully tactics has been their style. 

  In particular “Chezal” has pimped TBI and the CELTA course time and again. Oddly, Chezal’s biography bears several remarkable similarities to the long time TBI CELTA trainer David Bradbury. For instance “Chezal” and David had the same degree, went to the same TBI, both were fluent in Indo and both had an Indo hubbie. We have challenged “Chezal” and “Tudor” to come forward, prove they aren’t Bradbury or Preece and show that they are not creating fake positive reviews hundreds of times for TBI (while running down TBI’s competitors.) But they have only pointed out that “Chezal” claims to be a woman and David is male. Um, yes, but we don’t believe any woman with a Physics Degree ever worked at TBI Medan, let alone for 3 years.

   If TBI is found to have used fake aliases on Dave’s and Living in Indo to generate hundreds and hundreds of fake reviews, it would be another instance of suspicious dealing and low integrity from the ailing chain.

   We have added many of the suspicious Dave’s posts on the old blog. The link here will take you to a sample of posts, which will give you an idea of what they have been up to all these years.


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