Matthew, Colm and Luke: You’re Crazy Because We Say So

In recent days we have provided docs from multiple sources, including the franchise owners themselves, to prove that we resigned and were not fired. People like ‘Tudor’ on the Living in Indonesian Forum have called us ‘jobless idiots’ based on the Preece and France smear campaign. One of the teachers who works with Matthew France at Penabur Kelapa Gading also believed we were fired because- as always- France has been telling the same lies as Preece. According to one source, new teachers into TBI are now given a talk about how crazy we are how nothing we say can be believed. And we have been told that the former hate blog against us made the claim that we had ‘faked’ our evidence by writing incriminating evidence ourselves! So now we put up photographs of the original emails to prove they are original (screen dumps) and then we were told by the usual hecklers: “boring!’ “Yawn”” etc.This is just more ‘gaslighting’: a technique sociopaths and narcissists use to wear down the resolve and morale of their accusers.

A related point is this idea that we are crazy and still jobless. This is another lie to add to all the others from the Preece camp. I wish I was rich enough to go twelve months withoiut doing any work at all, but, sadly, this isn’t the case. The truth is we were working at language academies in Phnom Phenh for a few months as early as April 2012 (they offer one-term contracts there), after spending a lazy month on the beaches of Southern Thailand. Cam did go for one better-paying job and somehow the school rang TBI for references and they got Luke, who told them he was a suspected criminal- more character assassination from Port Noarlunga’s ESL con-man. This hardly proves we never worked before or since as Preece has claimed. Running a blog in the face of a character assassination campaign, led by a sociopath, was a stressful experience in the early months. But travelling around Thailand and working in the Cambodian capital teaching English is a far cry from the Preece and stooge lie we were in a state of ‘melt down’. Backpacking and travelling sounded too normal: they had to lie about what we were doing, even though they had no idea.

Colm O’Mahony was one of the main propagators of this lie we were having a meltdown. Is he a psychiatrist? Of course not. The man doesn’t have a degree in any subject at all and his most obvious talent we have seen is an ability to tell a ‘porky pie’ every time his mug pops up. He hadn’t even seen us in 10 months in April 2012, but the prize liar rocks up on Living in Indo as Def Jam, instructing the expat community not to believe our blog because we are crazy. He says so. Here is the hard proof Colm has been defaming us all alongs.


They lied we were fired. They lied we were crazy. Luke lied to HR he thought Matthew France was crazy for attacking Cam. He lied he had a Science Degree. He lied Scot Martin was the only candidate for TBI Riau. He lied that Scott was still there after he had been demoted. He lies and he lies and he lies and………

One thought on “Matthew, Colm and Luke: You’re Crazy Because We Say So

  1. ‘Cenobite’- a poster last night to this site- had the same email address as ‘Michelle Stinks’, so it is obvious this is another attempt at trolling and deceit. Like most websites, including ‘Living in Indonesia’, we need to prevent obvious trolls from hijacking the comments box. Therefore, Cenobite / Michelle Stinks has been ‘spammed’.

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