TBI Myth Busters (The Recent Screen-Dump Edition)

Myth #1

Luke has started a myth he always thought Lizzie was crazy, a bit odd or a bit of a joke somehow. Him and his cronies have sent a lot of abusive emails on this theme.

(Myth Busted with the Truth)

This is more character assassination from TBI’s resident sociopath. Screen Dump #11 proves that Luke Preece knew she was excellent and important to the future of TBI Kuningan. He asked Cam to give her assurances that not everyone in TBI was evil just because Cameron had been shabbily treated and tried to smooth things over and ensure she stayed on at TBI and produced the magazine ‘Babel Fish’.  He needs to have some hard-working people in the schools so he can steal credit for their work. He himself does nothing but snitch and scheme. L., who is now doing her DELTA, and is 100 times the ESL professional Preece will ever be, left TBI, of course, and has never had anything but contempt for Luke, who she considers a sleazy liar. She dumped Luke and now Luke runs her down to try and restore his idealized self-image.

Myth #2

Luke Preece has used often suggested that he is the protector of TBI teachers in these troubled days of the misrule of DIKNAS.

(Myth Busted with the Truth)

Luke Preece behaves in these emails like a character from Mean Girls. In work emails he labels Colm, Craig and Matthew as ‘The 3 Idiots’. He compares them to clowns, fool and idiots in email after email and even writes a special report to the Human Resources Department suggesting that Matthew France has come unhinged and his sanity is slipping. He snitches on TBI teachers when they are working overtime elsewhere, spies on them, interviews people like Minerva to get dirt on ‘The 3 Idiots’ and then runs to Mariam and Tuti with this dirt. Shocking as this is, it is now all on record. It has proven fact. Luke Preece is the most manipulative, dishonest, disloyal, back-stabbing sociopath around.

Myth #3

Colm and Matthew left TBI because of Cameron.

(Myth Busted with the Truth)

Colm O’Mahony is a very dishonest individual. We have caught him out lying again and again. He is possibly even more of a liar than Matthew France.  We have shown a screen dump from Colm’s ‘Living in Indonesia’ account where he says- in mid-2010- that he has already lined up a job for his time after TBI. This was before Cam even started as Colm’s manager. Therefore, we now have it in Colm’s own words that he never intended to re-sign at TBI and already had a job lined up before Cam became manager at TBI Kuningan. In fact, Colm broke his contract to take this job and thern lied to Mariam and everyone else that he only left TBI because of Cam. In reality, he had this better-paying job lined up beforehand. He also lied on online forums that Emma- someone he had never met- didn’t start at TBI because of Cameron. He has been caught red-handed lying about multiple matters. Cam had long told me: ‘O’Mahony is a bare-faced liar’. I wish I had listened to him sooner.

France was every bit as low. He went onto Facebook and told his friends and some TBI students that he had been told ‘by email’ that he wouldn’t be renewed. This has now been proven as a total lie (Luke Preece refers to it as ‘misrepresentation’ of events). Luke’s emails say that Matthew had been told in person several times by Preece and Cam that he could possibly work for TBI outside of Jakarta if he wanted to and Matt had said he wasn’t interested. Matthew, just like Colm, decided to work elsewhere, declined offers to renew at TBI (it is there in black and white from several of Preece’s emails) and then lied that Cameron hadn’t approached him or discussed the matter first, inviting others to attack Cam publicly on this basis. They even lied other people eg. Emma had left on the same grounds. These lies were then used by the sociopathic Preece to blacken Cam’s name within the organization.

The truth: Colm and Matthew are liars who misrepresented their motivations and Cameron’s actions at every turn. Venal and unprincipled, they were used as pawns in Luke’s back-stabbing wars to ‘take over’ TBI. Our screen dumps now show this as a matter of fact.

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