Michelle-Luke: The History of a Gender Bender Troll

I have no interest in Luke, Mariam or anyone else at TBI for that matter. It’s years since this particular Michelle worked there. My only reason for commenting on this pathetic hate blog is to get a rise out of you – and I’ve been getting the responses I’ve been baiting for since last March!!


Got this one last night. In it, with remarkable stupidity, ‘Michelle’ confesses to being a troll. I have been ‘baiting you since March’. This is pretty much the definition of trolling right there. As if we didn’t know Michelle was a troll anyway! But once again we ask you how sane this ‘chick’ sounds.Baiting people for 9 months? Sound normal to you?

In recent days this horrid Michelle has sent in around 30 to 40 different abusive posts. Who, apart from Luke, has enough at stake to spend hours and hours a day reading this blog and making stupid comments? Wasting hours a day writing comments we trash in seconds. Sound like Michelle is spending her time well?

But the thing is, the original Michelle post back in March had entered this email: support@tbi.co.id. At that point, she didn’t know we could see the email address entered. Whose email was that? It is the email from Luke Preece’s support unit at TBI. This email address is not given to TBI teachers at all; only TBI school managers are given it. Therefore, it is NOT possible that Michelle was any TBI teacher. It could only have been Preece.

Now it is true that you don’t have to enter a valid email address. You could enter lukeisverygila@blahblah.com and we would see that as the entered address. But that doesn’t mean anything. The first few times Michelle appeared she used Luke’s email address which is only known by him and TBI school managers. None of these are bules and Michelle is clearly a bule. Therefore, we know for a fact that originally Luke was Michelle; it could not possibly have been a teacher.

Now Matthew France ran into Penabur Kelapa Gading and told a former colleague that ‘Michelle isn’t Luke; it could get anyone; you can just enter any fake email address’. As usual Matthew France is Luke’s misinformation stooge, lying to everyone for his Mafia boss. But what Matthew says makes no sense. It is true that anyone could be Michelle now but at that start it had to be Luke Preece. Embarrassed at having been found lying he was a female teacher, he then used Matthew and Colm and his other minions to try and salvage his rep. But he was Michelle.His pathetic minions then wrote in lots of posts as ‘Me, Shell?’, ‘Michael’, and so on trying to save the woman-hating Preece from the shame of posing as a woman but it makes no sense. Colm, Matthew….no one else could have known that original address unless Luke told them to use it. Other managers had been told not to give it to teachers. It is just another slimy Preece cover-up.

Cam also notes that this post above by Michelle is a lie. The support@tbi.co.id address only came into effect at TBI late in 2011. Therefore, when Michelle says she hasn’t worked at TBI for years that couldn’t possibly be true. If she had finished at TBI ‘a few years ago’ she would not possibly have known any intra-mail addresses. In short, Michelle is lying- again. This address is the smoking gun which proves Michelle was originally Preece. His slimy cover-up is pathetic.

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