More Psychopathic Hatred Against This Blog (2.0)

Let it bleed.Jan 15, 5:10 am

Just coz ur paranoid don’t mean nobody’s looking forward to smashing your face in with a brick smarmy motherfucker.

With the true depravity and sickness we have come to associate with The British Institute’s ‘leaders’, we received this horror in our email a couple of hours back. The lunatic who wrote it accuses us of being ‘paranoid’ for thinking people are out to get us- and then mentions smashing my head in with a brick! Is he not aware of the contradiction of saying someone is paranoid for believing there are threats against them and then, er, making a thinly veiled death threat yourself? Unbelievable they are. The cracks are really showing lately.

Oh wait. Here is another one. In this one the sociopathic writer exhibits typical delusional thinking, asserting insanely that dozens of people in TBI want to smash faces with bricks! He needs to get away from Scott, Colm, Luke and Mariam and meet some normal people. This is ‘her’ in full violent yobbo mode:

Michelle Jan 15, 6:11 am
I know of many former TBI employees who’d like to smash your head in with a brick. What does that say about your personality that you can stir up such hatred in people? However, you have zero self awareness and a complete inability to fairly assess yourself, so why am I even bothering?

Why, indeed, are you bothering Michelle? There must be better causes than defending the man who just cost TBI Rp 2.500.000.000 in revneue by his vindictive stupidity in Malang? Go away and stop trolling already!

2 thoughts on “More Psychopathic Hatred Against This Blog (2.0)

  1. I have no interest in Luke, Mariam or anyone else at TBI for that matter. It’s years since this particular Michelle worked there. My only reason for commenting on this pathetic hate blog is to get a rise out of you – and I’ve been getting the responses I’ve been baiting for since last March!!

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