Luke Preece: Everybody’s Enemy

These screen dumps show with absolutely certainty that Luke Preece a lying, deceitful snitch and backstabber of the lowest order. These screen dumps show him ‘snitching on’ and ‘backstabbing’ his subordinates again and again with ruthless monotony. “He (Matthew France) is a poisonous influence,” wrote Preece. Devoid of any sense of loyalty or decency, he emails Cameron that Colm O’Mahony and Craig Cooper have been working in breech of their contracts at another school on their day off. Far from being ‘the decent bloke’ he pretends to be, Luke Preece never misses a chance to twist the knife in a back of a TBI teacher. “It appears Wati has been approaching your teachers (Colm and Craig) without your knowledge,” snitched Preece.

The degenerate Preece is also caught calling Colm O’Mahony an idiot in work emails (“Time for us to just to forget the idiot”). How unprofessional the TBI Business Development Manager is will be clear to any true professional in any field. But this snitching and abuse against O’Mahony and Cooper is nothing compared to the depths of betrayal to which Preece later sank against Matthew France.

We received a massive number of hits yesterday on the screen dump which showed Luke Preece lobbying Mariam Kartikatresni, the TBI Director, to fire Matthew France and not give him severance pay. Now we have said all along that Matthew and Colm were complicit with Luke Preece, but they were probably just morally weak or gullible. We have never claimed that they were more than morally weak people, tempted into collusion with Preece; they were never the brains of the operation. In contrast, we believe that Luke Preece is a textbook case of a sociopath. Luke Preece always gathers ‘dirt’ on his accomplices and victims, so he can terrorize them into silence if they threaten to go public against him. The real culprit here was always Luke Preece.

Luke Preece in the screen Dump #4 makes the case to Mariam that Matthew should be forced out of TBI Kuningan due to his Facebook comments, sent to the ‘Siberia’ of Fatmawati in shame and humiliation and that TBI should even consider terminating France’s contract and refusing to pay out his severance pay due to his misconduct. Remember that just months before France had written to Cameron, “Who is refusing Luke and I’s laundry claims?”

So we know as a matter of fact that Luke Preece pretended to be sympathetic to Matthew France’s demands for extra allowances and yet the minute he no longer needed Matthew France to make complaints against Cameron, Luke turned on Matthew France with complete ruthlessness behind his back and argued that the TBI contract allowed for TBI to deny Matthew France his end of contract bonus. Luke, with final twist of the knife against someone he had pretended to befriend (Matthew France), tried to take away his end of contract bonus and humiliate him by sending him to Fatmawati. Note Cameron told Luke NOT to pursue vengeance against Matthew; he said he wanted Matthew to get his bonus despite everything; the real enemy of teachers was always Preece.

Note as well that Luke bcc’d Cameron. ‘Look?’ he seems to be saying, ‘I really am looking after you Cam. After Matthew France told all those distortions of the truth against you on Facebook and invited people to slander you, I am the one looking out for you.’ Luke Preece wrote to Cam with slimy insincerity: “You know I support you 100%”. (Luke uses bcc not cc so Mariam doesn’t know what Luke is doing). At the same time, according to multiple sources, he was running Cam down behind his back too. Of course Luke Preece never expected this blog. But there is now undeniable evidence that he was trying to screw Matthew France, Colm O’Mahony and Craig Cooper all along. He waa trying to screw Cam and Monika and most Franchise managers at the same time. Luke Preece: everybody’s enemy. /p>

He pretends to be everyone’s friend but, in truth, he is everyone’s enemy. From Jakarta to Malang this vile man, protected by the equally vile Mariam Kartikatresni, slanders, belittles, snitches on and back-stabs his teachers and managers. The screen dumps are hard documentary proof. If you work for TBI: stay clear of him. He is a back-stabbing, double-dealing con man.

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