The Real Reasons We Left TBI Kelapa Gading (Part 3 of 5)

  Lipi, a former teacher, has sworn that she quit and wasn’t fired.

  Cam and I have sworn that we quit in protest at the owner’s actions.

  The owner himself has confirmed in his email that I (Sean) was a good manager and he ‘regrets I am no longer with TBI.’ His comments, sent 2 days after we resigned, confirm that we did indeed resign. Hecklers close to Preece claimed it was a fake but this lie- a cover-up of the original lie- has now been disproved too with screen dumps of the original emails.

   In my email to Rod, a casual teacher, I told him that I had left and he confirmed that Nunu, the new manager had also said 3 teachers had left. Not even Nunu said we were fired at first.

 I have published emails from the weeks before I left giving notice of my intention to resign.

  So if there is a large body of corroborating evidence from multiple parties that Lipi, Cammy and I resigned, why has Matthew France been telling people at Penabur Kelapa Gading that we were fired? And why has Luke Preece promoted the exact same idea inside TBI to new teachers?

  The answer, unfortunately, is that Luke Preece and his stooge, Matthew France, have been feeding the same lies to everyone about Cam and I for years. The answer, sadly, is that Preece and France are a pair of proven liars.

  So why did we really leave? The answer is partly that Luke Preece’s go-to-boy (stooge) in Kelapa Gading, Firlana, was making life impossible for us, running to the owners with lies every five minutes and encouraging people not to work. But the most important reason I resigned was that I had finally seen that the owners were complete rogues (surprise, surprise) who had been stringing me along with empty promises and lies for 2 years.

I will cover the financial details in great detail little by little over the coming months. But the big picture is as follows:

  • Jaladin Japri had falsified financial statements by subtracting 80 million rupiah from revenue for the first quarter of 2011
  • Japri had then tried to pin the blame for the falsified documents on an innocent
  • Firlana was increasingly been used by Japri for mysterious purposes (eg. being a courier for legal documents which had nothing to do with TBI) at the same time as refusing to do any work for TBI
  • Japri had broken his promise to get an accounts person for the school for 12 months running
  • The owners had refused to get a credit or debit card-machine for TBI Kelapa Gading
  • The owners had done no formal financial reports for almost 18 months
  • The owners had repeatedly pushed me to help them steal royalties from TBI and got angry at me when I refused to go along with it
  • The owners had refused to get Health insurance for teachers or to pay out medical expenses in some cases

In short, they were two of the dodgiest people around. They had lied, strung me along and acted in a very shady manner again and again. It had become increasingly clear that they had no intention of ‘going legit’ as they had repeatedly assured me. In the end I told them the job just wasn’t worth it for all the stress associated with their dodgy accounting.

I also thought it was more than time for some to do a ‘whistleblower’ job on TBI. This blog (and its predecessor) are the direct result.

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