Lipi Testimonial: TBI Kelapa Gading and Luke Are Lying We Were Fired (Part 2 of 5)

You’ve now already met the oh-so-lovely Firlana, so perhaps this post will come as less of  a surprise than it might have done otherwise; or perhaps not? Read on and see…

I worked at TBI KG for a very brief period of time. During this time, on top of my teaching duties, I produced 3/4 of a school magazine that was due to be published this month, did a lot of work to bring in the new study centre and also started to build a website promoting the school in order to attract more clients. Perhaps this is why, in the face of my premature departure, the management struggled to formulate a reasonable explanation with which to feed those who wanted to know. Let’s give them some credit: the management sussed that the real reason would not make them look good; so they sought a cover-up – very smart indeed. The intelligence ended there, however, as Firlana, so sources tell me, suggested his oh-so-bright-idea: claim I was fired for changing my clothes in front of the school! What Mr Dirty Mind was referring to was far less exciting!

Being a woman, I used to wear skirts/dresses to work reasonably regularly (no surprises there) and, I used to travel to work by motorcycle (again, hardly headline material). In order to avoid flashing the world on my daily commutes, I always wore a pair of shorts under my skirt/dress. These I would slip off on arriving at the school, or, conversely, slip on before getting on the bike to set off for home. Funnily enough, this did not involve removing any other clothing or exposing any additional flesh.

Perhaps our friend Firlana used to fantasize about this innocuous event being rather more raunchy than it actually was. Either way, the image of LP the stripper was born. They obviously didn’t think this plan the whole way through, however. Putting it out that a teacher was fired for being a stripper is hardly going to inspire trust in a school! Certainly it draws attention away from the moral short-fallings of the management, BUT on the other hand, if I was a stripper outside the school on a regular basis, why was I allowed in the classroom at all? Or is the story supposed to be that Firlana wanted to enjoy it for a while first before doing anything about it?!

I left entirely of my own free will. I can understand the management not being willing to admit to this, that is an entirely sensible decision to make. However, seriously;fired for stripping? Surely you can do better than that, oh esteemed brains of TBI Kelapa Gading! Of course, given the level of intelligence in some of the comments that have been received by this website so far, perhaps they can’t do any better… I leave that for you to decide, or indeed for TBI KG management to clarify which of these last two statements is correct, while I sit back and await the abundance of abuse I’ll probably receive, in the form of comments to this post, due to my continued association with Cammy and Seany. All I can say is, bring it on…….

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