TBI’s “Teen Students”: For Sale on Shutterstock.Com

We recently visited the TBI website to look at the latest version. We did not expect to be impressed but the rubbish they are now offering was gob-smackingly bad even by their own rock bottom standards.

Look at it yourself and you will see pathetic testimonials from teachers with entry-level qualifications (you can lead academic teams with a mere CELTA certificate at this joint!) . This is a school where people think having a 1 month certificate in TEFL is cause for boasting. They really couldn’t set the bar any lower if they tried.

But perhaps the most ludicrously half-arsed of their recent efforts is their attempt to ‘illustrate’ their teen classes with stock photos which they pinched off Shutterstock.com! Yes, we are calling utter bullshit on this one. The kids in those photos never attended a TBI school. In fact, these Caucasian students never set foot in Indonesia. The idea that these European child models are Indonesian students is a complete insult to the intelligence of their customers. Do a search online of this image and you will immediately it has been used on dozens of websites before.

TBI is now so careless of its image and integrity that they now steal freebie photos off Shutterstock.com and try and pass them off as TBI students. Never mind the kids aren’t Indonesian or even Asian! Never mind that there are Maths formulas rather English words on the blackboard behind them! Never mind that no one in their right mind could possibly believe that these are TBI students. Anything will do at this slapdash ‘institute’ these days. They aren’t even really trying anymore.

Let’s be honest. This is a school chain whose own Director considers TBI a side job. This is a school which just closed down its own Head Office because it couldn’t afford the rent. This is a school chain whose ‘language experts’ passed a one month, entry-level cert. They having falling student numbers, so they need to save pennies or TBI Fatmawati might soon go out of business too. They might as well steal photos from Shutterstock.com and pass them off as their own students, right? Who really cares? Why do things properly when you can cut 100 corners? This is the lazy, dysfunctional, self-destructive thinking which now governs this failing company.


TBI students- more lies from this dishonest company




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