Meet the New TBI Director: Windiaprana Ramelan

Over the past few months, we have argued that with the ousting of TBI’s wretched old Director, the hapless and useless Ibu Mariam Kartikatrensi, the victory of her main rival, Ibu Nng Anhar, was complete.

For many years, the shady yayasan (charity) USG had been the domain of Ibu Ning, while Mariam had thrown her weight around in TBI. Their turf wars were as petty and vindictive as you could imagine, and were right out of a manual about ‘how not run a business’.

By the end of 2015, Mariam had finally been driven out of the company, giving complete control to the eighty-three year old, Ibu Ning, a woman who knows no more about education management than she does about nuclear physics.

Ibu Ning was notorious for her nepotism and corruption. She thought that every good position should be reserved for her own family. In 2010 she was busy sucking billions of rupiah out of TBI so her own daughter could set up the UIC Design School. It was never popular but money was poured into the school in a massive misallocation of capital.

Unsurprisingly, by 2016 TBI was forced to close TBI Sudirman, long its most prestigious property, due to lack of customers and cash flow problems. The Anhar family seem determined to drive TBI completely into the ground.

It should be no surprise then that the new TBI Director is a incompetent, widely despised relative of Ibu Ning. This nepotistic family never learn from past mistakes. We will bring your more on this appalling new TBI Director in the coming weeks, but at this point let’s just say that once again nepotism and cronyism trumps all else in this pathetic and ailing language school.

With Ibu NIng’s nephew, Windiaprana Ramelan in charge, TBI is more than ever the Sick Man of Indonesian TEFL. KKN- corruption, collusion and nepotism- is, as ever, the only true TBI value.







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