TBI: Where Teachers “Almost” Have Qualifications!

One of  the many problems with TBI is that it is a bubble of similarly deluded individuals. It always was. It is a place where people tell themselves that their extraordinarily low standards are actually the benchmark for the whole industry! Their delusions of grandeur are nowhere more in evidence than when it comes to the issue of academics. They assure themselves that they are the ‘cutting edge’ of the latest learning theories. However, ask the average TBI teacher what the difference between a structuralist and communicative approach of teaching is and they will be dumbfounded. It was always a place where ignorance passed off itself as knowledge, with plum academic positions being palmed off to cronies and coffee buddies.

Academics Leaders “Working On” Their DELTAS

To see how ridiculous these people are, have at look at the “Pengajar Kami” page on their website. Here you have the leaders of their academic teams boasting of ‘almost’ having their DELTA, a teaching certificate. Allow me to explain to them how this works in the real work:

I ‘almost’ have my DELTA = I don’t have a DELTA yet

I ‘have done Module 1 and Module 3 of my DELTA’= I don’t have a DELTA yet

I ‘am working on Module 2 of my DELTA’= I don’t have a DELTA yet

These people have been ‘working on’ getting a DELTA for years and never graduate. And let’s just be clear here. We are talking about a certificate. Just a certificate. Not a degree. They talk about certificates as if they are the Holy Grail of knowledge and then they boast about having done ‘part of’ the certificate. They are almost there and hope to achieve their goal before 2020.

This is a dysfunctional institute where their academic leaders cannot even pass a simple certification program but hope to one day.

Teacher after teacher boasts of their claims of academic prowess because they have ‘almost’ got a certificate, but not yet.

And then their statements are riddled with grammar and syntactic errors of the worst kind. Here is the kind of clunky English these teachers pump out:

She graduated from English literature from the University of Indonesia.

Is this actually good English? Do we graduate from literature really?

Is a leader teacher for English training programs.

Is that actually a sentence? What happened to the subject?

Cambridge DELTA is the next one in my to-do list!

Basically TBI is a place where their ‘experts’ almost passed a course and are now boasting about it. Really pathetic on every level.

2 thoughts on “TBI: Where Teachers “Almost” Have Qualifications!

  1. A Delta is actually a higher qualification than a degree. It’s a level 7 on the UK framework of qualifications which puts it on par with a post graduate diploma and a masters (although Cambridge stress that having Delta is not comparable to having a masters).

    • However, the problem is that most of these “academic leaders” do not have a DELTA. They boast on the TBI teachers’ page that they have done “Module 1” or some such. Is failing to complete a course for years anything to boast about?

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