Guest Post: The Great Liberty Language School and a Chimp Named Frendy (Part 1 of 2)

Nice to meet you. I am victim of the chimp named Frendy Horas, who does nothing but lie and cheat. I’m from China, and I can speak Thai, English and Chinese. At the time I came to meet Frendy Horas (known in Thailand as Hopp), I had just arrived in Thailand, and I was trying to get a job in a company that could provide me with a work permit there. So I was checking job information from an online website, and I found out about a school language school that was trying to recruit native speaker teachers and executive salespeople. I collected the information and then walked in the school to have an interview. The con-man-frenzy named Frendy Horas gave an interview to me and simply hired me on the spot as an executive salesperson with  the salary of 25,000THB/month, promising a work permit as well on 16 May, 2016. He asked for my passport to get a work permit. (I held a tourist visa before, and he promised me he would give me a work permit. Furthermore, during the process of applying for a work permit, working in Thailand was legal, he said)

After that, I started working for him. During my working time, he hired a lot of native speakers, around 6 I think, as well as 3 Filipino teachers, and promised them a very high salary but not a work permit. When I worked for him for the first 15 days, everything looked very normal. He asked a lawyer to talk with me about my work permit. He paid my salary every 15 days liked he promised before, and everyone got their own salary on time.

However, things changed at the end of May. From the beginning of June, he announced th a ‘truly excellent new system’, his so-called “monthly payment system”, whereby he deposited 6 million THB in the SCB Bank of Thailand to use if for office expenses. From that point, he pushed more and more old students’ parents, as well as new students to use their credit card to get a 1 year or 6 months course by paying only 3500 THB/ month, all of it studying with Native Speakers. From that point, more and more students joined us by using their parents’ credit card. On 20 June 2016, I still didn’t get my work permit, so I followed up this matter almost every day by asking Hopp (the name Frendy Horas used in Thailand). He just promised the work permit was almost done. On 22 June 2016, he informed us he would fly to Australia to take profit from his super market that is located in Australia and fly to Indonesia and Singapore to deal with the problems of his company.

Hopp's Contract

Frendy Horas’s contract in Thailand (alias Hopp)

One thought on “Guest Post: The Great Liberty Language School and a Chimp Named Frendy (Part 1 of 2)

  1. melani Octavia is the name of his sister, he lived in Surabaya, the month of September 2016 he met with Frendy horas, I hope this information is helpful TQ. Her Intagram melanioctavia

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