Guest Post: The Great Liberty Language School and a Chimp Called Frendy (Part 2 of 2)

The time was so close to the expiry date of my tourist visa, but I still hadn’t got my passport back from Frendy. I called Frendy’s fake lawyer to ask about the work permit and she just responded that she had failed to update my visa, so it had expired; I had to leave Thailand now because I was illegally staying in Thailand. Holy shit!

The Great Liberty Language School

I booked the ticket to go back my county immediately on 28 June, 2016. At that time, I asked if the chimp Frendy/Hopp had paid my salary for June. He told me he had already deposited the cheque in my account and I could take it out on the 1st or 2nd of July. On the 29 June 2016, I could definitely see the money in my account. I mean it was in transition, sort of like pending, but not the full month’s salary. However, on the first of July, I just found out he had canceled the cheque totally.

Advertising for Frendy’s latest con

I used Whatsapp to contact with him to ask what was going on, but he just said he didn’t cancel the cheque, the bank did, and he would go to check everything after arriving in Bangkok, Thailand and pay my full-month salary. On about the 4th or 5th of July, he got to Thailand and he told me the bank had blocked his account and he needed to prepare something to activate the account again. On the 7th of July, he just stopped the operation of the school completely and did not even inform most of the students. Many Thai parents were shocked and reported Hopp/Frendy to the police station. Then some parents managed to find out that Hopp’s real name is Frendy Horas who is one of the biggest con-men in Indonesia.

Frendy/Hopp’s victims communicating with him

Apart from that, I asked every teacher who worked in the school if they got their salary: the answer was no! Right now, the school has 100 students, some of them had paid 15000THB, some paid 45000 THB . They had only studied almost 1 month;but they were supposed to be able to study for 6 six months or 1 year with that price ! However, nobody got a refund when the con man stopped operation without any notice. The parents and students have set up a LINE group to find a possible way to sue Hopp for fraud.

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One thought on “Guest Post: The Great Liberty Language School and a Chimp Called Frendy (Part 2 of 2)

  1. This is a call out to all the victims of Frendy Horas. If any of you interested, he has a legal case now with the company I now works.
    If any of you willing to testify against him, you get a bonus of seeing him in person and get to see him suffer.
    I can not go into details on the case, but even during trials, his words were keep changing overtime and We are close to prove to the judges that he is a scam.

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