Breaking News: Frendy Horas, Rumored Dead, Has Moved to Thailand

In recent days we have become aware that Frendy Horas, the con-artist behind the Rumah Bahasa chain in Jakarta, is not (as many have claimed) dead. Rumours of the Chinese-Indonesian con-man’s demise have proven fake and we now know that they were just a smokescreen aimed at hiding his true whereabouts. Frendy, still in his mid-20s, has in fact been hiding out in Thailand. In Thailand, using the alias of Hopp, he has continued his life of crime. He has actually started up another fraudulent business, using the exact same modus operandi which he used to rip off so many thousands of customers in Jakarta. A new source has contacted us and provided us with a lot of interesting information about this new school and Frendy Horas’s/ Hopp’s criminal activities in Thailand.

Frendy Horas has started a school in Thailand called, wait for it, The Great Liberty Language School. This school opened in Bangkok, Thailand employing a number of foreigners, Filipinos and Chinese teachers. It has also attracted hundreds of That families looking for language training for their kids. However, after just three months in business, the business has suddenly gone bust, with Frendy Horas/Hopp ripping off hundreds of people and fleeing back to Indonesia.

A web search for The Great Liberty Language School did not turn up much. It had advertised for teachers on a few different job boards, but some of these had already been erased as of today. Horas had advertised on ESL 101 and also the Thai job website Ajarn. However, most of these ads have already been taken down. As so often before, this con-man has started a job and then removed all trace of himself from the net. However, he have obtained this information about his latest alias. Maybe it wil be of use to someone.

His school’s name is : THE GREAT LIBERTY LANGUAGE SCHOOL (No license)
The address is: Payathai  ROAD CP TOWER 3 BUILDING B UNIT B102-1 (Stopped operation)
Frendy Horas’s Thai email: [Redacted]
Frendy  Horas number in Indonesia: [Redacted]


One thought on “Breaking News: Frendy Horas, Rumored Dead, Has Moved to Thailand

  1. This is a call out to all the victims of Frendy Horas. If any of you interested, he has a legal case now with the company I now works.
    If any of you willing to testify against him, you get a bonus if seeing him in person and get to see him suffer.
    I can not go into details on the case, but even during trials, his words were keep changing overtime and We are close to prove to the judges that he us a scam.

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