Luke Preece Comes Out from Under a Rock

We have heard for some months that not only has Mariam been fired- ahem, we mean resigned from TBI-but that her previous partner in crime- ahem, we mean advisor, Luke Preece– has been banished from TBI Bandung and Jakarta. He hadn’t been seen in the schools there for many months, much to the relief of everyone who had grown sick of his endless lies and scheming.

Unfortunately for the residents of Bali, the con-artist without a degree- ahem, we mean ‘esteemed educator’- Luke Preece has now moved to Bali, the Bogan Paradise, where he continues to pretend to be a teacher and manager. In other words, his career of deceit and lies in Indonesia is still continuing with TBI, though the company had finally got their great liability off Java, where his ‘leadership’ brought the company into utter disrepute. During his time in Jakarta and Bandung he ‘masterminded’ a scam to defraud Immigration and their own customers by passing off unqualified expats as teachers by employing them on short-term business consultant visas and flying them in and out of Singapore every two months. This scam made TBI a laughing stock amongst the more serious schools in Jakarta.

So black was his name for a couple of years there, that TBI removed his picture from their website and all their brochures, and Preece finally removed all pics of himself even from his own LinkedIn account and Facebook page. He was literally a man running from his own illegal deeds and the shame he had brought on everyone who worked with him. But now a single image of him, looking older and balder, has appeared on the TBI Bali Facebook page, confirming that he is still burdening TBI with his presence. And where else could he run to? It isn’t as if any of TBI’s competitors would touch him, especially without any academic credentials above a one-month TEFL certificate. TBI are so complicit with his fraudster that they can’t get rid of the albatross around their neck.

The degreeless wonder Preece pretending to be an educator

The degreeless wonder Preece pretending to be an educator

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