Breaking News: Scott Martin Caught Red-Handed Lying During Teacher Recruitment

In the past few days, a teacher has come on Dave’s ESL Cafe and made some damning revelations about Scott Martin of TBI. The teacher has alleged that Scott Martin lied to him that teaching on business visas was ”a grey area” in terms of legality. This is another bare-faced lie from Scott Martin, the crony of Luke Preece, the criminal ‘mastermind’ of the whole VKU visa scam. Everyone knows that 2 British nationals were deported from Indonesia in 2007 at TBI Bogor. Therefore, when Scott tells teachers he wants to recruit that Indonesian law is ”a grey area”, he is lying through his teeth. He is trying to deliberately deceive teachers into working for their ‘institute’ by making misleading statements.

Scott Martin has been caught lying (yet again)

Scott Martin has been caught lying (yet again)

I wonder did Scott Martin tell this man that teachers had been deported in the past for working on these VKU visas? I wonder did he mention that TBI has told managers to ”top secret” about employing teachers on these things due to the potential damage it could do to TBI’s reputation? Of course not. They are now practiced liars who have been trotting out these same tired old lies about ”grey areas” for 4 years. Here is a quote in which the teacher exposed TBI (yet again) as criminal fraudsters:

Thanks for the explanation. In terms of the salary [at TBI Malang] it seems to be enough to survive on in Malang but when its converted over to U.S. dollars it pays a lot less than other schools I have worked at in other countries in the past. As for the work visa, I was told by the man that interviewed me, Scott Martin, that the laws in Indonesia for foreigners are a grey area and that he wanted to bring me in on a business visa at the end of this month [April], because the work visa takes six months to process. It sounds a bit shady and desperate the more that I spend time thinking about it. I also had the opportunity to read through a series of postings on the website WordPress about Scott and Luke, their inabilities, and the problems employees have encountered with them in the past. The more articles that I read and the more that I think about it I believe that TBI has all the markings of a badly managed Korean hagwon franchise. Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad

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