Screen Shot of Dave’s ESL Cafe Revelations about Scott Martin’s ”Grey Area”

In the past few days, a teacher who TBI Malang tried to recruit has come on Dave’s ESL Cafe and alleged that Scott Martin has told him that Indonesian law is ”a grey area” with regards to employing teachers on business consultant visas. In other words, Martin has been caught red-handed lying to potential teachers during the recruitment process. His fraudulent misrepresentations of Indonesian law would amount to conspiracy to defraud in Australia, and I do not hesitate to say that he has broken numerous Indonesian laws too. This is yet more evidence that TBI is an unethical and illegal company which routinely deceives and misleads the TEFL teaching community.

Such is there desperation to get new expats into their scam-ridden institute that they will misrepresent the law to trusting potential teachers, showing bad faith before teachers are even in the door. None of this will be a surprise to anyone who has followed this blog, but it still shocking to a normal person’s sensibilities to see a scheming pathological liar at work, trotting out the well-rehearsed lies, year after year, without a blush of shame. These people really are a disgrace to themselves, their country and their industry.

In the past, TBI has routinely tried to shut down threads and blogs which reveal the truth about their corrupt, degenerate business model. Therefore, we wouldn’t be surprised if this thread eventually disappeared. Yet what the teacher has said is valuable proof that Luke and Scott are still running the same old fraudulent operation in 2015 as they did in 2011. (These TEFL frauds never change their spots). As a result, I have taken a screen-shot of the Dave’s page, which you can see below. Click on it to see the full screen-shot containing revelations about the lies TBI tells during recruitment.

Hard evidence that Scott Martin is lying about Indonesian law during teacher recruitment

Hard evidence that Scott Martin is lying about Indonesian law during teacher recruitment

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