TBI Careers: TBI Bandung Often Loses Teachers to Penabur

Posted: Fri Aug 01, 2014 3:29 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Sorry but I’m not naming schools as I’m not willing to point the finger at anyone who works at these places – I don’t see that would achieve anything. I simply wanted to debunk the myth that someone without a degree cannot get work in Indonesia – this is nonsense and, rightly or wrongly, it’s quite easy for these teachers to get well-paid jobs at semi-reputable schools. I also wanted to highlight that at least two of the schools P1randal held up to be bastions of education are anything but, as they’ll hire any Tom, Dick or Harry regardless of their educational background or lack thereof. It all goes to show what a complete joke the so-called “regulations” are. 

As for Penabur…it’s my understanding that their three international schools pay 18jt while their nat+ pay 15jt. I think these salaries are non-negotiable although that wasn’t always the case but different teachers earning different salaries for doing the same job understandably caused resentment when teachers discovered what each other earns. I also believe these salaries are the same regardless of location which is why TBI in Bandung often loses teachers to Penabur as they pay 15jt as opposed to TBI’s 11-12jt.

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