Photos of the Defunct TBI Kuningan

Here are some photos of the empty premises of the former TBI Kuningan. TBI has now been forced to abandon its flagship school in Jakarta, hot on the heels of having to close TBI Sudirman because it couldn’t afford the rent there. They really are going through a rough patch, as we have been telling you for some time. Right now their strategy seems to be to close some branches and move others to cheaper premises and hope for the best. However, I will give them this one for free…This is will do nothing to address the business’s real problems, which lie in a dysfunctional and corrupt cabal of cronies who are running the business into the ground.

Predictably enough, the TBI spin-masters have not admitted that financial problems lie behind their decision to close down the old TBI Kuningan. As the poster below shows, they are so incredibly dishonest that they are explaining the decision in terms of the better parking options on offer. No, I am not making this up. That is one of the main reasons they are giving. The other one is a claim that it is a larger premises, neglecting to mention that it is a larger but much cheaper premises which they are moving to, with the cheaper part being the real reason for the move.


You will see that they are also boasting of new facilities. However, in truth they have moved the old, worn furniture and the snail-paced computers. They have mostly just relocated the same, tired old set-up to the new premises, which, fittingly enough, is located in a Lotte Mall, just like the Rumah Bahasa schools used to be …before they went bankrupt last year. Lotte Mall seems to the mall of choice for failing and dysfunctional language schools in Indonesia. Anyway, here are same sad pictures of the almost deserted premises of the former TBI Kuningan.


TBI Kuningan- they couldn’t afford the rent any more.


TBI Kuningan- They even took the streaky, old whiteboards!

15 thoughts on “Photos of the Defunct TBI Kuningan

  1. Baiklah kalau begitu , nanti aku juga buat blog blog kaya kamu juga , aku mau belajar posting paspor orang dan ungkap beberapa rahasia orang tersebut terutama yang namanya Charles Mc. Laughlin itu , baiklah kalau begitu
    Terima kasih dan selamat bersenang – senang – aku berharap kau tidak hapus postingan ini

  2. This person is an impostor pretending to be me! I have since alerted the police to track down this impostor yesterday. You may keep the messages on this site for evidence.

    • First , this person pretended to be me then tried to post bad things about me. Obviously, this person does not know that I have only given a copy of my passport to just my property agent and to the department of immigration. If they post an old copy of my passport, we will know who it is as well as I have only worked for two companies in Indonesia. I do hope that the moderator posts the ISP address of said such impostor so that we may easily identify who is writing these comments.

      • Tidak mungkin jika anda tidak melakukan sesuatu pelanggaran jika secara tiba – tiba email anda yang sebelumnya hilang – saya menunggu hari – hari yang mengasyikkan.

    • Kau Jelek Jelekkan ILC DB dan semuanya banyak nya orang yang membenci kau sekarang identitas kau yang asli sudah diketahui oleh semuanya sekarang adalah waktunya untuk mereka berbuat semua itu hai kau charles astuti

    • Sekarang kau mau buat TBI apa lagi hai charles , silahkanlah kau mau hancurkan semua usaha orang lain , bagus jika kau lapor ke polisi itu lebih baik jika kau bisa berbuat dengan polisi dan setelah kau hina hina The British Institute pula. Jangan sampe polisi tidak kau laporin nanti kau malu dengan mulutmu sendiri. Kurangkau kau berbuat masalah di tempat olahraga pula. Apalah salah TBI pada orang seperti kamu pula ?
      Kutunggu pula surat laporan polisi kau , jangan sampe kau tidak lapor ya !
      Aku juga mau bikin blog nanti tentang kau , kau lihat saja setelah kapu posting lebih dari 120 postingan tentang TBI pula …

  3. Ok aku memahami bagaimana dengan yang kamu pikirkan – perang segera dimulai , mendapatkan paspor anda sungguh tidak susah sama sekali silahkan anda mengecek ke semua pihak yang memiliki paspor anda baik bank dan semuanya, karena sesaat lagi perang segera dimulai

  4. From a logical point of view, all of the companies that folded were because their products and/or services did not meet their customer’s expectations. It also could be to lack of collaboration between the schools, owners, managers, and teachers Most likely their business model was not sound and their managers probably had a lack of expertise to run a company. As far as the companies you have mentioned, I never been employed or associated with such companies. I would love to hear more information about the fitness center that I supposedly made trouble at. Please post the name of the fitness center so I can keep it for my records.

  5. You keep rambling about all of these different language schools but you can barely write anything in English. One would think that you should be fluent in English by now, if you did in fact attend ESL classes at one of these fine institutions. I guess they did not meet your expectations either! You should be on here posting for a refund just like how all the others students are.

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