Teacher Post: ILC is the Worst Language Center Ever

Dear  Everyone who wants to know about ILC,

I was a teacher in ILC, and it’s embarrassing to think about, but I don’t want people to have my bad experience there.

ILC is the worst language center ever. The company was not even ready to start but they didn’t care and what is happening now is that they’re dying.

Hussein doesn’t know how to run a business. He only wants money. He doesn’t care about anything other than money.

In ILC they wanted me to do lots of stuff that wasn’t my job to do. They found out I could speak more than 1 or 2 languages, and they wanted me to teach 2 to 3 languages with the normal one language salary. Moreover, they didn’t give us any holidays; we only had the public holidays or ‘red dates’ on the calendar. Actually, sometimes we even worked on the red days. No allowance. No bonus. No overtime pay. Nothing for the workers. The money all for them.

They kicked me out without any reason. The day before I got kicked out, they told me to come to the head office. I asked why but they didn’t want to tell me why in advance. On the next day I went there and they kicked me out  without any allowance. I asked for the allowance but nothing. They said they couldn’t give us the allowance- not only me but lots of my friends also got kicked on the same day. I looked for Hussein, Ika, and Werdy but no one answered. We got kicked out by Nando that time. Nando tried to look good in front of us, wanted to help and stuff. But too bad it was sooo fake.

My ex-students kept looking for me. ILC told them I was on holiday, but sorry to say I told them I had been fired.

The students said they don’t wanna go to ILC anymore because I’m not there anymore. Too bad ILC, too bad. You fired the wrong person.

The price for the students is different from each other because some of the money goes to the marketing staff.

The management in ILC is so weird.They’re not ready. They don’t have job descriptions for workers there. When I asked if they have one, they said it’s still on the way, but now, nothing. They don’t know anything about business and education. It’s all about money for them. But then because of that, ILC is dying, because they’re too greedy.

There are so many problems they have there that I can’t even remember to type down here. If you wanna talk about ILC, this comment box is never enough for all the problems we have in ILC until now. They’re too bad to talk about. I’m just helping people here to know the truth about ILC. Actually I’m not that mad about ILC anymore. I’ve moved on. But I can understand for you guys that have had problems with them. You are not alone.

6 thoughts on “Teacher Post: ILC is the Worst Language Center Ever

  1. Apa yang saya katakan masih benar bukan ? Dulu saya di RB dibayar loh overtime per jam 40.000 IDR – walaupun telat beberapa hari paling lama 1 minggu tapi Over Time dibayar. Let’s see

  2. Apakah ILC akan tutup smua tempatnya dalam bulan bulan ini?? Karena saya sudah membayar member untuk 4 tahun kedepan..too bad to know this

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