TBI (The British Institute) Banyak Harga Diskon Sekarang

BARTER] Voucher TBI Dago/Riau (Bandung) dengan Voucher yang Senilai 🙂

13-02-2013 01:26

Kondisi Barang : New
Harga : Rp. 500.000
Lokasi Seller : Jawa Barat

Nominal Vouchernya Rp.500.000
valid until 12 Maret 2013

hanya ada 1 lembar, dan hanya dapat digunakan di TBI cabang Dago atau Jl.Riau

pengen dibarterin sama voucher lain dengan nominal yang SAMA
silahkan ajukan penawarannya di PM ato 085883047883

siap COD cepat

Wah, kenapa TBI kasih banyak diskon sekarang? Mungkin itu karna kualitas sangat rendah kalau dibandingkan Wall Street? Mungkin itu karna TBI banyak skandal? Mungkin karna banyak guru mantan sudah bilang TBI banyak korupsi dan tidak taat pajak?

TBI used to boast that discount vouchers were “cheap”. Ibu Mariam’s favorite boast was that TBI was “premium”, and she used to say that premium language schools didn’t need to give away big discounts to get customers. My how the mighty have fallen! Over the coming few days, we will show you how TBI is resorting to increasingly desperate tactics to try and win back lost love. Over the last 12 months more and more of their promotions involve big discounts involving hundreds of thousands of rupiah. Some of these discounts have even been offered at what used to be peak intake periods. There is simply now reason for them to be doing this if things are going well. It seems that have now given up the pretense of being “premium” and are slyly admitting the hidden truth: they are just a small language school with a growing image problem.

In the Indonesian ad quoted above, the person didn’t even want the TBI voucher but was online trying to trade it for something better. Oh dear! But of course nothing is the matter: the TBI Mafia assures you all.

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