10 Key Points About Anita’s Demotion

1. TBI Kelapa Gading is onto its 4th school manager since 2012. This is a shambolic situation which points to utter chaos and dysfunction within this school. Well-managed, successful schools simply don’t feel the need to change managers every 6 months or so. This fits the pattern of dysfunction and incompetence we have presented all along.

2. The last 2 school managers to fail and be removed, Nunu and Anita, were both recommended to the school owner by TBI Head Office. Ashley had lobbied for Nunu and Anita was a long time crony of Luke’s. This once again shows that the so-called authorities at Head Office haven’t a clue when it comes to recognising and developing talent- not that they will ever accept responsibility for any of their ludicrous string of failures.

3. Anita did not have any education-related qualifications whatsoever, not even a CELTA. In appointing her as SM, they broke their own guidelines. A company that appoints under-qualified managers because they are cheap should not be surprised when business falters.

4. This is another example of how badly the Indonesianization of management policy has gone; two local managers without CELTAs have been appointed in a row and both have failed.

5. This latest demotion also shows how worthless TBI promises are. Anita was a long time close associate of Luke Preece and he had told her that he would look after her and advance her career. Like so many before her, Anita has learnt that TBI promises count for nothing; they are, in fact, the most debased currency since the Zimbabwean dollar.

6. TBI’s rhetoric bears no relation to reality. As this school has burned through 4 school managers since 2012, they have continued to boast of their professionalism and excellence.

7. The owners of TBI Kelapa Gading seem finally to have learned their lesson about accepting advice from Ashley and Luke. The new manager is a former AIM English school manager, who had never worked for TBI before. They have finally learned to fish for talent outside TBI. Amazing it has taken them so many bum steers to learn this simple lesson.

8. Anita has very low English skills. She was studying Pre-Intermediate English when we last checked. That TBI thought someone of this level could have written professional emails and business reports is just mind-boggling. It shows how little they really value their own name.

9. All of the above shows that TBI might now have changed its name to PT. Titian Buana Ilmu but it is still the same dysfunctional circus we knew in 2012.

10. The biggest point of all is this: A career at TBI is really a road to nowhere. Anita had been promised she would be a School Manager if she was just loyal to Luke and Mariam, but at the first obstacle she has been cast aside. She is now, according to her LinkedIn, once again an Office Supervisor, the same role she had in 2011. The ones who get out of TBI fast are the ones who really dodge a bullet.


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