Where’s the TBI Pintu Keluar (Exit Door)?

July must have been some kind of month in TBI Jakarta and Bandung as a large chunk of their existing staff all headed for the exit door simultaneously. And we aren’t just talking about a few front-desk staff here. Multiple key positions were all vacated in a matter of weeks. They were 23 separate job ads we found for TBI group schools, and we didn’t even do a thorough search. Of course Luke and Mariam will stick to the team line that they are a reputable school, indeed probably the best in the known Universe, but outside the delusional clique we call the “TBI Mafia” people are racing for the exit doors,

We have cut out two samples of the job ads, which give quite an impression of chaos and dysfunction in themselves; there has been another mass exodus of staff from the hapless British Institute. It seems that they have lost the following: their Finance Coordinators in both Bandung and Jakarta; their Corporate Sales officers in both Bandung and Jakarta; student advisors, on the front desk in both Jakarta and Bandung; Non-Native teachers in Bandung; an Office Supervisor in Jakarta, which is the top Admin role in the whole school, and they also need a Recruitment Officer to replace all these jobs. In that list alone, you find many of the key admin positions in both cities, and that’s only about a third of the advertised vacancies. They always lost a lot of staff due to low pay, but this is a tsunami.

Mind you all these job vacancies came from a single day in July 2014. A single day. And we haven’t even got to the non-stop, saturation advertising on multiple sites for expat teachers yet. This company has managed to lose a good chunk of all their local office staff in a single month and they claim to be a premium school! They are, in fact, a basket case, and the mass exodus for the exit door proves it. Yet if you ask TBI, there will be a 100 lame excuses why this actually proves they are special and reputable, or something.

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs at TBI

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs at TBI

Endless vacancies ...

Endless vacancies …

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