Binsar On the Prowl for Fresh Victims. Again.

TBI’s pathetic decline towards irrelevance grows more pronounced by the minute. Better and more professional competitors are crowding them out of the market, revealing them for the unprofessional, out-of-date and inept company that they really are. More on their continued descent soon, but in the meantime, we offer you the truly contemptible: Binsar Simorangkir, having burnt through another round of staff and teachers, is on the prowl again. Big time.

To date we have printed negative testimonials from no less than 5 former employees of the Batak con-man. Their allegations have been jaw-dropping. Binsar consumes porn within the school; one teacher received death threats; Binsar was allegedly arrested for sexual interference with a student; Binsar didn’t pay the promised salary of teachers; the horrible list goes on and on. One of the main claims about the TBI Bekasi owner and manager was that his staff were endlessly leaving. Many of the student advisors complained of “special tickles”. Sexual harassment is the correct term for what was going on.¬†

Surprise, surprise, everyone seems to have walked out on the Batak shyster, because he was now advertising for Indonesian teachers and Native Speaker teachers, and new Student Advisors- the whole gammut, basically. Oh, we are sure that the liars at Head Office will assure you that this is due to “rapid expansion”, but this is just another lie. TBI Semarang imploded in 2012 and has never re-opened. And remember TBI Cengareng? Gone without a trace! Poof! There is no expansion, just contraction and stagnation. And endless people leaving TBI Bekasi, humiliated and degraded by the man who runs the wretched school: BInsar Simorangkir.

Here are the job ads from May 30th, 2014. Basically every position going is vacant. Perhaps no one wants to be around an alleged sex offender in the current climate. Who could blame them?


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