The Attack on the Bekasi Teacher- A Reflection

Did Binsar mastermind the attack on D***? Were the cowardly and vicious thugs who surrounded a woman, beat her with canes and then withdrew the paid henchmen of BInsar Simorangkir? As the guest poster concluded: who knows? But the fact is that the possibility was discussed and considered, which is remarkable enough in itself. The people who worked for Binsar hold him in so little repute that they consider it is likely or possible that he would pay people to beat a woman black and blue as “payback” for having rejecting him. This  is surely a damning reflection on his relations with his expat staff in itself.

But I have hesitated before publishing the post about this attack. I’d like to reflect on why this might be. The truth is TBI has made a specialty of attacking and defaming their detractors as a way to discredit them. Nothing is too low for some of them. At one point they falsely told people that my partner had resigned from TBI because he was HIV positive and would have failed the medical test. This was a complete fabrication, as shown by the fact the same people were saying he had been fired a few months later. Huh? I thought he’d resigned in fear of the HIV test? But in such a climate of misinformation and slander, I have been reluctant to air this post at all. I know what the TBI response will be: D**** is paranoid to think Binsar was behind the savage beating. You are a joke for believing her stories. This is all a vast ex-TBI Bekasi teacher conspiracy to defraud the TEFL public about our glorious British Institute… blah blah blah.

Yet, on reflection, I have decided not to self-censor. The fact is I do believe D**** and all the other TBI Bekasi victims. Binsar is sitting in TBI Bekasi consuming teenaged porn, storing girls’ numbers in his Blackberry and flirting with TBI students who are 40 years younger than himself. It is completely and utterly disgraceful. We know that everyone who worked there had stuff stolen (money, phones etc.), we know that death threats were made to a number of teachers there anonymously and we know that he has routinely lied to teachers about wages and other perks. He is a proven liar, bully and many women have accused him of “perverted” behaviour towards young women and even girls. In short this con-man, like Luke Preece, fits the profile of sociopath (or soicialized psychopath) and for such a person, nothing is really off the cards.

Is there any reason to believe that Binsar would allegedly interfere with a young girl, lure multiple teachers with promises he had no intention of honoring and organise theft of teachers inside his school but be stopped form organizing a beating on moral grounds? I don’t see it. There is also the orchestrated and “professional” nature of the attack on D***. It was a mob style hit. 3 guys on motorbikes armed with canes? This was an organized attack. I lived in Indonesia for 7 years and never heard of anything like this happening to expats. The fact is it seemed like a Mafia-syle attack and Binsar is known to have Mafia links. The phrase “prime suspect” comes to mind.

Do we know that Binsar organized this attack? No we don’t. But he do know that he is very likely a sociopath with a history of erratic and abusive behaviour. We also know he had a motive for the attack on D****? We certainly shouldn’t discount the possibility that he was behind the bizarre and vicious attack.

One thought on “The Attack on the Bekasi Teacher- A Reflection

  1. wow really? i studied there few years ago. is it real or not? i just read some of your post about TBI Bekasi. I don’t really know about him attack teacher or flirting girls. but as i see i think he force his family to work there. his daughter looks like she didn’t want to work there. maybe he force his family to work because nobody want to work there? lol.

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